How is the game trolling you?

Keep getting dupes and few unique newbies.

Noor = +2 ToL, BF (yeah it was rather black then)

Tyr = +2 (gave up on S3 soon after)

Ursena, no costume = +3 (gave up on S2 soon after)

Poseidon, no costume = +1 (I actually whooped with joy for the extra Poseidon)

The list should be much longer but i can’t remember now. Fed away many dupes plus used 20 for SE.

Spending is now a far cry from my younger days in this game.


Haha. I’m glad to hear that someone else is getting crap pulls. I’ve completed S2-S4 and only pulled Inari. And I’ve bought a bunch of pulls in those portal. I eventually bought Skadi from SE.

And before this weekend (when I pulled Gaillard) I had pulled zero modern portal fives besides two…. Drum roll please… Jades.

What a joke. Two hits. Both were Jade. Total troll move.

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I keep getting MV ads for a club that banned me for life. I needed to be a gentleman and apparently wasn’t.

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I was one of the people who participated in this poll, and I voted “decrease of their strength”.

After filling out the poll, I decided to make summon, and I got him with just single pull. (using my remaining free coins)

I still can’t believe this, looks like I got some karma.

and today i decided to change my vote for poll…



By only giving me Lianna as a green 5* every portal. Did 60 summons on gargoyles, 2 Liannas. My only good 5* greens are Cristobal and Evelyn. Also have costume Francine, but holding off on ascending her…might just have to with the way things are going.

There’s 3 instances that stand out to me on this topic.

1 - Throughout the history of the Fables event, I have never pulled Hansel. I don’t know how many pulls I’ve done overall, but enough to get probably 8-10 Gretel’s.

2 - Then, in the Guardian event, it took me roughly 23857134 pulls to get Jackal. Once I finally got Jackal, I got 2 in the same 10-pull. I maxed them both, emblemed one, then immediately pulled C-Leonidas.

3 - Finally, in the most recent Easter event, I finally pulled Sir Roosterly! Huzzah! Then roughly 2-3 weeks later, I got another Roosterly from HA10.


My first two legendary heroes were Richard and Joon, both from the costume chamber. I thought it must be the best portal of all time given how quickly I got them, while getting no 5* from anywhere else.

Years and many dozens of summons later, no more legendaries from the costume chamber. In fact, i just finally got my third 5* costume, Lianna, from HA10.

So anyway, overall the costume chamber has been good to me, between the early 5s and some good 3 and 4s, but it set me up for serious disappointment by raising my expectations for the portal.

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Ive had variable luck from many different portals tend to keep getting s1 heros more often though

S2 ,around 3 from summons and a dupe and 1 i didn’t have from HA10.
S3, 3
S4, 3
S5. 0
Seasonal 0
Challenge events. 1
CoK. 2
Wo3k. 0
Hotm. A large number dont recall off hand. But did get around 4 from HA 10
Costume portal. 6 i think? Had a few others from HA10 .
Guess the troll is ggetting season 1 heros from any portal that has a chance at non S1 heros.

Oh forgot magic and Ninja both 0.

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gosh, that is trolling, sorry to hear… hope the game stops trolling you soon!

Probably my personal troll now is Kadilen. I’ve gotten her like 10 times, and every time I think I will finally ascend her, another Green 5* comes along… she’s been bumped back in queue so many times. I decided to ascend her over Elkanen before, but am now doubting…

still no costume though, even though she’s popped out of HA10 at least 3x…

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I think that the game trolled me a couple of times. It was a few months after I started playing the game.
Atlantis one coin pull: Misandra. Cool! I got a legendary hero! Let’s check her out and see how other players use her!
“Meh, she’s weak”. “She’s not worth ascending”. “She rarely hit more than once, I don’t use her at all”.
Pirates of Corellia, single pull. Sargasso! Yes, another unique and non-S1 hero.
“Sargasso is uselles, he does nothing.” “Can’t see any reason to give him tabards”. “So underwhelming”.
Yey… :frowning:

Once I did 20 or so pulls in Atlantis portal trying to get a legendary hero or HoTM and of course I got feeders only. Then right after this pull I got 4* AM from a titan and Mystic Vision. It felt like the game is trying to placates me and give me a consolation price…
The same happened last month after my 23 pulls in S4 portal (and I got nothing). Then I got my first Isarnia from HA10, Magni from TC20, 4* AM from AL…
It’s like a rollercoaster here… Sometimes your luck is abysmal and the only thing you feel is dissappointment… And then the game rewards you like crazy, whatever you do. :woman_shrugging:


8 Elena´s over the past couple of months, soon making up for 1/3 of my 5* heroes - That is how the game is trolling me! :sweat_smile:

Fun subject! :slight_smile:


Non-costumed Kadilen over Elkanen every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I have both emblemed (because F2P) and it is not close. I just got Elkanen’s costume from HA10 which hits a lot harder, but even emblemed for attack the vanilla version just tickles…

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Thanks for your input :slight_smile: I’ve really been doubting, as my main use for either Elky or Kadi will be war depth and the towers, but at higher levels Kadi’s special defense buff lasts only one turn… though I do agree she will be more useful for war

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The game is trolling me by putting up a loot tickets deal the day after I said I was going to stop spending except for vip and pov.


Thanks for asking, AB. Roc is the very definition of a 3.70 hero. (I have a couple of these - Zulag, Chakkoszrot - too good to toss back, not good enough to level.) His sand damage is very soft; his healing block is useless; and he does no initial damage. The best you can say about him is that his raw stats are pretty good.

I use Roc sometimes in morning/evening boxes, out of boredom, and maybe to generate some good vibes. Hasn’t worked yet!

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I got trolled early in the game.

Very first 5* I pulled (with an EHT) was the HOTM Aeron. Third I ever pulled was the HOTM Gregorion. I had pulled Richard between them.

At first I thought that was great luck until I saw the HOTM in the two months between April and July 2018 Alasie and Gravemaker.

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The Game Trolls me in 2 ways

Whenever I get a 5* from TC20 its either Richard x3 or Kadlien x5

Loot From Titans - I only get into “A” category in my alliance for Purple or Red titans and when I get “A” ranking the loot is worse than when I score B or C for other titans!

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In my tc 20, I’m 2 five stars down… But that could be reversed but next week. But two things comes to mind. I got the isarnia costume the first iteration of the costume exchange (when heroes did not accompany the costume)… And the last s1 hero i got was… Isarnia.

Also… 1 costume, 1 telluria from 78 pulls in the hero academy 10. So… Just the game mocking me endlessly.

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I also use her to farm sometimes because of her fast hit all

yeah, I know that’s a good use for her - I already have Jack O’Hare and others for that though, so farming isn’t a big consideration for me in the “who to ascend” game :slight_smile: