How is the game trolling you?

This costume chamber gave me C. Domitia, I got my last costume (Elkanen) from HA 10, but counting dups, I have pulled 10 5-stars from the costume chamber. I’ve been playing (always as F2P) for about 3 1/2 years and here’s the 5-stars I’ve pulled:
Seasonal Events: 0
Season 2 (completed): 0
Season 3 (completed): 0
Season 4 (completed): 0
Season 5: 0
Challenge Events: 0
Tavern of Legends: 2
Wars of the 3 Ninja Magics: 0
(I do have a handful of HotMs that I don’t remember which portal they came through)

It just kind of feels like the game is trolling me at this point. SMH

Anyone else?


Overall, I’ve been very lucky, so I can’t complain.

The ultimate troll job the game pulled off on me was Guardian Falcon.

I couldn’t summon him to save my life. I hoarded all my gems and coins for the last Guardian event, and got 3 Jackals (that I don’t need because I have c Leonidas), Panther and 2 Chameleons (see the “very lucky” comment above :joy:).

So I researched HA8 exclusively to get him. The research finished right during the Challenge Festival. One coin pull: Falcon.

Never used HA8.


Ha! That sounds about right! :rofl:


P2P for a year

S2: 0
S3: 0
S4: 4 Exeera being one
S5: 0
Challenge event: 0
Tower: 0
W3K: 0
Alliance quest: 0
ToL: 1
Costume: 2
Seasonal: Sir Roostley, cMN, cSanta

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Just to add I did over a thousand pulls in year of play. Maybe close to 1500-2000

Yep. My situation is like yours in terms of tenure. I’ve had better luck than you, and I have a sprinkling of 5* from each of the seasons except season 5 - but every 5* is a big deal for me. That’s why I was so happy, for about five minutes, when I pulled Roc two years ago. Then the truth sank in.

I held on to him, sure that sooner or later he would be buffed or balanced or something. It was so obvious that he was set at the wrong speed or that his special was out of whack. But now it’s clear that the game trolled me with Roc!


I am just a bit luckier.

  • I have 8 Season 1 legendary costumes (one from HA10).
  • Sir Roostley * 2, and no other Seasonal heroes.
  • Director Zuri and Guardian Owl (source: HA10) from Challange events.
  • About 10 HoTMs, but none from Tavern of Legends (2 from HA10)
  • Bera from Season 3

None from any other events or seasons.


Ouch, I feel your pain. That’s incredibly unlucky.

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F2P for 4 years into this game. I won’t say the game never gave me anything good, but it just finds a way to troll me that it knows will annoy me.

I don’t keep dupes and I always keep at least a copy of every 3* and above hero I find.

The game somehow does not ever want to give me anything unique (when the odds are in my favor) off of the first press (e.g. when they are on first release) regardless of rarity, unless they are HoTM.

First ever Ninja Tower event, I finished climbing the tower, dropped coins in… Out came a dupe Lianna. Would’ve preferred to have any of the Ninjas, including the 4*, but no.

First ever Slayers event, finished the event, got enough coins for a one pull. Out came a 4* Trainer Hero. Would’ve preferred to have any of the Slayers, including the 3* - 4*, but no.

First ever Gargoyles event, finished the event, got enough for 2 pulls, first is a dupe 3*, the second was a dupe Richard. Would’ve preferred to have any of the Gargoyles, including the 3* - 4*, but no.

With the exception of the HoTM I’ve gotten when they were released, the rest of my unique heroes are not “new.”


I remember when he came out and being excited by him at first. What a letdown. Do you ever use him?

That second Roostley must have hurt!

Thanks, buddy! It really does hurt. Cutting the spending atm. Getting random non s1 5* every 150 pulls bored me. Even s1 5* seem to elude me. Got maybe 5-6 from portals

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I’ve spent a fair bit and it’s therefore pretty ironic that you have more Costumes than I do.

I mean I’ll be very honest and say I have you pretty well beaten everywhere else but certain portals dislike me very much. Costume is a middling one in that regard as I have some at least.

But Ninja, Slayer & 3 Kingdoms don’t have 5* in my portal…

Whereas Season 4 it’s been like an Oprah show….


Good call. I’ve spent a little, but decided to quit for now. My lucky streak is bound to end at some point and I don’t want to go through that.

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Yes, I would have prefered Killhare or Lepus from Springvale or any other Seaonal heroes.

But still it is better than nothing.

I hope your luck changes, and you will pull some good five stars.

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5 of the 9 season 3 heroes I pulled are Tyr.


Ouch. Soul Exchange food or are you saving them to remind you of the pain? :wink:

I just buy 3 times PoV, but i am almost f2p, here is my costume and non classic 5*:

Costume: 7, Isarnia, Elena, Lianna, Thorne, Sartana, Magni, Horghal from portal. I dont use Magni and Horghal.
Challenge: 2, bosswolf, g panther from portal, I dont use bosswolf
Seasonal: 2, Roc, Penguin. I dont use Roc
S2: 1, ursena from SE
S3: -
S4: 1, Octros from portal
Ninja: -
Magic: -
Wo3K: -
CoK: -
Hotm: 5, Grazul, Malosi, Rafael, Hanitra, Kara. I rarely use Grazul and rafael. I am building secondary yellow team from malosi hanitra kara.

I feel game trolling me when :
I save my gem and then make 30+ pull for chasing franz on CoK and i got just magni, ferant, wren… Beside my friend p2p do 10 pull get franz ferant wren and 5* event.

I do 60+ pull EHT on Xmas, just got 4 hanitra and 1 penguin 1 leonidas, beside my friends do 13 pull get MN, Santa, Penguin.

I do 13 pull on gargoyle event, just 2x 3* purple event hero. Saving coin for 4 month, got nothing.


My personal troll is Hero Academy.


My personal troll portal (but also most generous) is costume chamber BY FAR. It gave me every single S1 costume, 3*/4*/5* alike, EXCEPT cMarjana, cLeonidas and cVivica. So keep on pulling… RNGesus,be with me next time!

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