How is the calculation done for who fights who in wars?

My team is very curious on this. It seems about 70% of the time we are overpowered a lot on teams we fight in wars. Our oppennant has the stronger team plus the help. So a already more powerful team has an added advantage. We do great when we are more evenly matched. It just seems we are the underdog about 70% of the time.
Thank you

Firstly, both team get the war bonus. So no advantage is gained there.

The matching is done by war score. War score is formed by:

  • Each players 30 best heroes (by tp), with added weight to top 5 heroes (presumed defense team)
  • Each players best troop for each color
  • You alliances recent win/loss record (this affects it the least, but is still there)

So if you get seemingly unfair war matchup(the enemy defense teams are stronger than yours) it might mean that you have bigger benches behind the defense teams. Or that the opposing alliance has had a really bad losing streak.


To add to @EvilSmoothie excellent post, the war score is NOT the alliance score. This is a separate score that can be found in-game as shown in the below screenshot.

A few other points that your alliance mates may ask or need clarification on:

  1. The war score is calculated on only those players with the war participation checkbox selected.
  2. Cups and Titan scores are not part of the calculation. Only what was previously posted.
  3. Many times when your opponents appear to overpower you, they often don’t have as deep of benches as your alliance. So, don’t base the war on the opponents you see on the field as they may not have very good 2nd, 3rd, etc teams. :smile:
  4. It doesn’t matter what your opponents set as their raid defense teams. The system ignores any preset teams and looks strictly at the 30 heroes with the highest hero power for each person participating.


Alrighty then. Thank you for clarifying this for us. I will relay this to my team. Thank you for your time in this matter.
Sir fightsalot.

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