How is the beta testing application going to work

The summoning posts are positive and will probably stay. Negative posts about should tend to allegedly be flagged in my opinion.

Negative posts about summoning usually do get flagged. Which is kind of strange, considering that the game’s actual posted odds indicate that it’s highly unlikely to pull a good hero… so, someone saying that they did 30 pulls and didn’t get any 5* heroes? That’s a statistically valid post. Someone saying they did 10 pulls and got 3 legendaries? That’s highly unlikely. Not impossible, but… that’s something for the ridiculous bragging thread. It’s not the kind of results that the average player should come to expect.

If you understand what I’m saying.

At the interview they will ask you the same question three times in a row, even though you answer it every time. If you don’t get annoyed, you’re hired.

They just need to make sure you’re ok with being ignored.

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