How is the beta testing application going to work

I don’t know where I falied to be a member 2

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Um… I think you have achieved “member” status?! If you click your profile pic you can check :woman_shrugging:.


I checked my profile and I achieved all the points @littleKAF mentioned.

But I’m not trust level member 2

Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially (493)
Casting at least 1 like (128)
Receiving at least 1 like (622)
Replying to at least 3 different topics (not sure how many but more than 3 for sure)
Entering at least 20 topics (20)
Reading at least 100 posts (37k)
Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts (5d)

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This has you listed as a Member atm.

I just checked your profile & it has “Member” listed

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Yes, but why not the trust level is (2).

Sorry, I’m confused :grimacing:

Trust Level 2 = Member
Trust Level 3 = Regular
Trust Level 4 = Moderator
Trust Level 5 = Staff




Thanks so much @Guvnor.

I thought there is a trust level member and trust level member (2).

:man_facepalming: it’s time to go to bed :wink:


@Tato you are in deed a member. What I posted is directly from discourses website - the platform that supports this forum.

As of now, there are 5,353 forum users that are members. Most people who know to look at this will already be at trust level 2.


Thanks @littleKAF.

I was confused because I thought there was 2 level of members, member (1) and member (2).


Beta members are not selected due to their spending habits. It might help your cause if you went at it with less preconceived notions…


I can confirm what @Witch said. I was ftp for 11 months, although I am not ftp now (I consider myself c2p as I have a budget, but my budget may exceed just VIP).

In fact, I made my first purchase after going into beta and it was the beta invite that led to it. At the time, I was invited into the Active Player Lounge (if you’re not there, don’t worry, it’s not used these days) and beta shortly together. I found enjoyment in the game and felt the game was offering me things back and I wanted to contribute to it.

I felt a little bad as I wanted to provide a f2p perspective to things and I had lost that. I still recall those days although they are over a year ago now. Regardless, when I look at beta stuff, I try to look at it from all perspectives as best I can. And I feel others do too.


Reading them not starting

They analyse the account? the activite? anyone knows the criteria? hours of playing? and so on?

I have 3 more days before trust level 2 I’m weeping :cry:

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I don’t know the exact process, but based on conversations, here is my guess.

They look for someone that is active and giving advice. That can be here on the forum, in reddit, or another platform. It need not be multiple platforms as everyone has a preference, but that’s how I believe they know who you are.

They also look for someone that has played long enough to understand the game. You don’t need to have a “whale” account (I was nowhere near that when I was let in), but you should demonstrate a knowledge of the game.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they look at your account. When I applied, they asked for a summary of the war mechanics and what could be improved (May have been focused on matchmaking). That was a hotter topic at that time.

Again, key word is “guess,” but I’d bet it’s pretty close.


I’m not sure if this has been asked here,

But how do you opt out of being considered for beta testing?

Like I want no part of it so I can continue being a vocal dissenter without having the guilt of being part of beta feedback.


Post must be at least 20 char :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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By simply not applying, I imagine :confused:

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I applied and didnt get accepted. Later down the road I caught a bug in game and was accepted into the program.


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