How is the beta testing application going to work

I’m not sure whether they’d want you to submit another application or not, and the Small Giant Staff is mostly off now for the weekend and holiday, so I can’t get you an answer from them right now.

I think your best bet is to submit a Support ticket and ask, so they can get back to you when they’re in the office.


:heart: Thanks a lot Zeph will do that!

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Shoot. I filled out the form but I dont know now if I meet the trust level requirements. I fear I may have wasted SGG’s time.

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You do :slight_smile:

Trust level 2 is “Member” on the forum


Ok. Appreciate it, thanks.

Peace be upon you
I’ve filed a request to join the beta.
But I haven’t got an e-mail yet.

Muito bom saber dessas especificações pra ser um testador Beta. Difícil é fazer tudo isso.:joy:

I assume there is not beta spots open currently? I would like to apply. Wondering if there are any plans to open beta tester spots?

They open up applications periodically. Watch the forums to find out when they open back up.

Then be very patient. I believe you will only hear if/when you are selected. I got into beta 4-5 months after completing my application.


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Sorry I’m just a novice in hieroglyphics but I did make Beta !!!

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That’s BS.

20 male cow turds

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Totally NOT true - this is how false information gets spread :angry:


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A reminder that Forum Rules prohibit spreading false information.


zephyr! Long time no see man! Hope you’re still doing well.

RE: the forum rules about spreading false information, can we please do something about all the people who claim that it’s “easy” to beat the posted summoning odds? Like the ones who say they’re completely F2P but they pull every single HotM by burning incense and 5 common summon tokens while spinning around in circles reciting Robert Frost poems backwards to RNGesus?

EDIT: because it doesn’t work. I’ve tried it. Though in hindsight, I can’t remember if I was supposed to be spinning clockwise or counterclockwise.

The summoning posts are positive and will probably stay. Negative posts about should tend to allegedly be flagged in my opinion.

Negative posts about summoning usually do get flagged. Which is kind of strange, considering that the game’s actual posted odds indicate that it’s highly unlikely to pull a good hero… so, someone saying that they did 30 pulls and didn’t get any 5* heroes? That’s a statistically valid post. Someone saying they did 10 pulls and got 3 legendaries? That’s highly unlikely. Not impossible, but… that’s something for the ridiculous bragging thread. It’s not the kind of results that the average player should come to expect.

If you understand what I’m saying.

At the interview they will ask you the same question three times in a row, even though you answer it every time. If you don’t get annoyed, you’re hired.

They just need to make sure you’re ok with being ignored.

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