How is Team power calculated?


Sorry if there is already a thread that explains this.

I am looking for the mathematical calculation of how team power is made up.

If my team is 3700, how exactly do I get 3700?

Using the hero power + Troop power doesnt get me there. Where am I missing a small calculation step?


Much appreciated

I think it’s a bit different, just I don’t have exact formula for how regular hero power is calculated.

But, if formula is Power (hero) = Formula (attack, def, health)
Then I’d assume team power is sum of new hero powers done like this:

Power (hero+troop) = Formula (attack * (1 + troop attack %), def * (1 + troop attack %), health * (1 + troop health %))

So you basically put influence of troop instead of regular hero attack, def or health

For example if normal formula for hero is something like attack / 2 + def / 2 + health / 10 (wild example)

Then for hero + troop where each troop ads 5% for each stuff it will be 1.05 * attack /2 + 1.05 * def/2 + 1.05 * health/10
and then you’d sum those values to get the team power

And that’s why it’s bigger than just summing hero powers.
BTW, we don’t have troop power, we just have value per each - attack, def, health, that’s why I think we need to recalculate ‘how much is hero powerful when combined with this troop’

Edit: I just saw the formula for power probably also takes specials into the consideration, stars and whatnot. And no one knows it for now :smiley:

edit2: you can test at least part of it - edit one of your teams, and delete all but one hero - compare hero power with ‘team power’ of that one hero and troop assigned to it :slight_smile:
That will give you some feeling at least


I have one very approximate formula, that just uses att, def and hp

So, 0.5 * att + 0.5 * def + 0.02 * hp

Values are off, however, just for the illustration:

Both heroes have skill 1/8

Sonya 1.1, 286 / 344 / 476, by formula it’s 324, real is 330
with troop +13% / +17% / +4%, by formula is 372, real is 373
with troop +15% / +9% / +6%, by formula is 362, real is 365

Little John 1.1, 349 / 268 / 465, by formula it’s 317, real is 329
with troop +13% / +17% / +4%, by formula is 363, real is 372
with troop +15% / +9% / +6%, by formula is 356, real is 364

So this just proves that formula isn’t simple linear stuff, but something more complex that I don’t have an idea how to break currently.

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I mean this is no trade secret and I really hope we can know … @Petri?

Actually, we don’t know a lot of things, users have reverse engineered it… like this: Damage Calculation

It would be nice to have at least correct formulas for such stuff, I agree.

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I guess the relative values of special attacks might add an x-factor?

These might be estimated following testing as -25% mana is hard to compare to +25 attack plus damage over time etc

I have no clue :rofl:

However, since that’s number that’s irrelevant for everything except for the recruiting, I doubt anyone will be bothered to reverse engineer it :rofl:

Team Power of an individual hero seems to track/include a weighted average of attack, defense, and health, with health being worth a bit less than the other two.

At least for a 3* hero, each 1/8 of special is worth 5 points of team power. I watched my maxed Bane go from 5/8 to 8/8, and each time it went up, he gained 5 points.

It is also clear that a 5* is worth more TP than a 4* which is worth more TP than a 3* even if they have the same attack/defense/health and special fraction stats.

I haven’t tried to check if each ascension rank is worth an extra bump in TP. beyond what is due for the stats increase / skill increase.

@JonahTheBard, I really don’t know, but my GUESS is that the relative usefulness / uselessness of a special skill is not included in any way.

That would explain why some Heroes are unpopular for the same team-power, even if the stats are very similar

Mana speed is another x-factor and provoked a lot of debate around Hansel and Gretel for instance

When I was curious about it, I did a bit of nominal fitting in a spreadsheet, and came up with…
TP ~= att/3 + def/3 + hp/6 + special*5

If I had proper curve fitting tools, more data, and cared to spend the time, I could do better.

I didn’t include hero stars in which I am certain plays into it (and messes up by making unmaxed 5* heroes appear much stronger than they are in practice!)

I also didn’t try to figure out if ascension tier contributes besides the associated stat increases.

As far as I can see team power is simply a sum of all heros and troops.

With one hero in my team and a 1* troop I have a team power of hero power + 11. With two hero’s and two 1* troops I have a team power of hero’s power + 22.

@Eries how do you see your troops power?

I assume OP is talking about team power and not how to calculate the power of a hero.

All of the other responses are very well written and go into a lot of detail but I have my own theory on how team power is calculated…



Its not a simple sum them all up … when looking at Hero power + troops is doesnt give younthe team total.

It does when I add them up. How are you seeing the troop power?

Let me give some examples:

With only Colen on team. Colen power is 556 (not fully leveled). Team power with a 1* troop is 567.
With only Natalya on team. Natalya power 777. Team power is 788 with a 1 * troop.
With 3 heroes that have a sum power of 1843 and with 3 1* troops I get team power 1876.

In all 3 examples it fits with a 1* troop having a power of 11.

Ahaaaa got it!!!

Okay so this is it:
Hero power + (Troop power x 10) + Troop level

So have a Hero with 780, 4* troop on level 20:
780 + 40 + 20 = 840 total add to Team Total.


What do you consider is a troop power? I can’t recall that I ever saw that number anywhere :thinking:

Troop star level I think

I’ve tested it with several heroes and different troops, you’re right! :tada:

And I thought they were doing some proper calculation :rofl:

Now we’re just left with ‘how they got the hero power in the first place’

Edit: it seems that we have that as well…

@BarryWuzHere check this :wink:


@RedPython thanks for digging that out. It was quite a while ago, but I’m guessing that plugging newer heroes into that data set isn’t going to change much.

Interesting to see how much the stars are “worth” (a lot, apparently too much) and also how much being a HotM or event hero is worth. (a minor bump)

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