How is loot used?

I’ve been playing a month or so, and I don’t know what to do with items that are in my inventory like Leather Armor (x110) or wooden shield (x97). In other games I would equip some character with them, but unless they’re used automatically I don’t know what to do with them.

Also, of what use is a Damascus Blade? Is that worth buying?

Those are used to ascend 3-4 star heroes

Damascus blade is used to ascend 5 star heroes to final tier, and I’m gonna say ur pretty new and don’t have the materials

So no it’s not worth buying

In the US, the deal is 1000 gems plus the blade for $8.99 so it’s a great gem rate. As a new player I would say that to get gems at a rate better than the best rate in the shop plus a 4* item is possibly worth it.

As a new person the gems can be used on heroes or hoarded for the now gem based ascension item buys as well.

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Ok. First things first.

This game has materials used to upgrade heroes. There are heroes that are better than others. How can I tell which is which and what to do.

Start reading threads about heroes by name in this forum. Ascension materials as a subject, too.

Use the search function here, and go to the summonsgate to see heroes as well as reading the info.

Spending for gems and mats (ascension materials) is your choice. Many do, and almost as many do not.

Read everything.


A guide, like this one, might also be of help:

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That is good. Coppersky’s compendium and Mai’s Loots and Stats are in the “UserGuide” here.

And, for the original question, the answer is the price is fair. The Damascus Blade is a rare mat, and the price for the gems alone is at the best rate available in the gem-store.

There will be offers better suited for beginners in the eggs yet to drop. Also, before events which happen about the second Friday every month there is an offer (5 actually) of 200 gems for 99 cents.

Every new player should take that offer. It allows three single pulls at the epic or elemental summons gate which mrans three heroes not less than 3*. Never feed 2* heroes, they are to be fed to these 3* cards you just drew.

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Hi there!

Ascension loot is exactly that; you are asking about lower level loot:

As you can see, this hero requires wooden shields to move to second ascension (see the two golden chevrons on the right):

Higher ascension items will be used for higher ascensions. You can click ascend on any hero to see what will be required for their next ascension.

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Not to sound like a rearend… But just to also point out about what @Rook said in her show and tell. Pay attention to the tiny little line of sentence underneath the items require for ascension. You won’t be able to Ascend your heroes to the next tier until your hero reach the required max level for that tier. The game is just showing you what your stats would look like from this point in your hero’s development will be if he/she/it ascends.

So, the ascend button will be dimmed out until you meet all requirements for ascension, the game is not broken (in this aspect). Pretty soon you will hear and read all about how other people felt about ascension items (in case you haven’t already).

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Mercifully this game doesn’t let you do stupid things like discarding items you think you don’t need. Everything has a use, eventually.


Can you imagine if they actually put a cap on how much ingredients/ascension items you can have and/or make you build a separate storage structure for them and make you use them or lose them (like ham/iron/recruit)?

This game does let you do stupid things, it just has the pop-up that asks if you are sure you want to to that.

Ask all of us who fed Bane by accident.


Thanks for all the pointers. I bought the egg and now have some gems and a Damascus blade that I won’t need too soon. And I’ll stop looking for ways to equip leather armor. I’ve figured out most of the game and read some of the faqs. I know that it’s tough to advance Epic heroes when you don’t get any of them to eat, but I have a few and they’re coming along ok. Now that I have some gems, maybe I’ll try for a nice elemental.

Two things I haven’t done - raid people and join an alliance. I don’t like raiding other players. I really got pissed when people 1000 points ahead of me raided me. Picking on newbies! I can hold my own now though and don’t seem to get raided much. And I guess I’ll join an alliance soon. That seems like fun.

The e&p wiki is good to have too.

The latest offer is another with a side you might not soon need. The alliance flask refills titan fighting flags, but you won’t see that until you join an alliance.

Also, remember to time when you move up an experience level as that resets all energy flags to full.

If you are moving up provinces, the win at each level adds to your exp. Look at box after hitting your avatar.

Knowing how much exp per level is in loots and stats google.doc