How is Kara's passive supposed to work?

I’m not sure if I misunderstood this or it’s an actual bug. A few different interpretations:

  1. Kara receives 10% mana per dispelled buff.
  2. Kara receives 10% mana per dispell, regardless of number of buffs being dispelled

I’ve tested this in raids:

  • Kara has taunt + spell def up + attack buf + element chain + heal over time buf
  • Kara has no debuf (no mana generation debuf)
  • Kara was dispelled by Devana, losing 4 out of 5 bufs she has
  • instead of seeing a significant mana boost (40%), I noticed a small mana increase (from 50% to about 60%).

I’d like to confirm with SG that if what’s the desired interpretation of this passive. If option 1 is expected, then this is clearly a bug.

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Option 2 is expected


It is the number of times the buff is removed and not how many buffs are removed. SO it is 10%


the phrasing is ambiguous and I can see it being interpreted either way. maybe updating the description to make it more clear?
@Guvnor what’s your opinion

As those above stated, this is not a bug and working as intended. To me, the description on the card makes sense and was created purposely. It states “This character receives 10% mana each time a buff is dispelled from this character”. Each time, not each buff…thus, each separate dispell of a buff or buffs will give 10% mana. Could they use more words and straight out say that it doesn’t matter how many buffs were dispelled per time only 10% mana is gained, absolutely. I could see this being helpful to some. However, I don’t think it is necessary for an accurate description. Though, I’m not against it either. I believe that SGG is trying to keep the hero descriptions, to include passives etc, as short as they can when possible. Some Special Skills are already quite long and I could see extra wording start to become overwhelming, especially with how many heroes there are in the game (and the rate they are added). I hope this helps it make more sense to you or anyone else confused by the wording :nerd_face::nerd_face:


Yeah if it was every buff … Her and snow white would be awesome :heart_eyes:… shame it aint :pensive:


Option 2 is usually how this stuff executes… But tbh I’ve not kept as abreast of new heroes and mechanics as I once did lol

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When compare to Alexandrine

Seem to be different from her. I think that is how Kara work.

They really need to work on their description clarity. Definitely read that as each buff removed=10% mana.

It’s alright, the execs humanity is hanging by a thread at this point. Lol.

Misleading wording, nerfs without compensation, and horrendous customer service. I mean….10/10 failure across the board.

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