How is it that players with 200 or more less power than myself are raiding me while I'm online and I am almost at 3600 in power and have a power team up ? someone answer that please,

How is it that i get raided while online by players with way less power than myself and lose with a power team up??

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How do you know what team beat you?

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I can see them in the raid log in the watchtower and it shows the team they have up


In this log you see their current defense team and not the team you were attacked with.


True enough, but they must be using a different fighting team to beat me , and then defense team is what i am responding too, but this is gettin riduculous, and thank you for bringing that to my attention, i do appreciate your responses and it gives me something to think about in my stragety


Plenty of strategies to beat defense teams that dont require players to use their own defense teams to attack

-color stacking
-special skill stacking
-mana speed stacking

Are 3 ways off the top of my head.

Plus any defense can be beat by a good board.

If the strong defenses couldnt be beaten by weaker teams, we wouldnt see the top 100 change as frequently as it does.

Look who is number 1 in cups right now, then check it again in 10 minutes.

Raids are an any given sunday feature

First time i cracked top 100 was with all 4* heros. And how many 4* defenses do you see in the top 100?

Which is a good thing. If players could simply just buy ranks then the leaderboard would be even more pointless.


Team power means nothing, is just a number that doesn’t reflect a lot of important factors… Anybody can raid other person 600-700 TP above and win by color stacking, good board and some basic strategies.

And if you log in while a raid against you is occurring, it continues (maybe for several minutes) and when it finishes the message appears.


Thank you all for your response and great tips also !! Im writing this down and taking notes !! Thank you all again this has been a great help to me !!! Yes inded !!

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Re the second part of your question: raids can take a while to finish. If someone started a raid against you, and then you logged in, you will get a notification when (a) they’re finished and (b) you’re at a neitral screen (e.g. not in a riad, farming, etc.). That can be 10-15 minutes after you log in.


Thank you for helping me to understand that better, as i was under the impression that if i am logged in i cannot be raided, whereas it has happened to me several times, again , thank you

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Everytime I close my pad I get raided. I dont pay it any mind, because I dont agree we should have to pay for “Protection.” IF we are not online, we should not be vulnerable. I’m not paying them money for everything now. That’s blatant disrespect of our financial support (plain & simple).


The protection is for long breaks and was requested by players

Being raided offline makes sense. Otherwise raiding online would be pretty hectic and cause more complaints than we already have about being raided online

I dont see what the issue is with being raided. If you win, great. If you lose, great. Bragging rights for winning, easy chest fills for losing.

I’m typically solo in my opinions though lol


I dont use the protection when i’m offline or on, i get the concept of raiding, what was bothering me was the fact that i was getting raided while online and the opponents power lvl defeating me, but now i understand bette how that is working, thank you for your input ans suggestions , i do appreciate it, yes


Anytime, always happy to help


Thank you so much, i do appreciate all you suggestions and input !!

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Sorry if I mislead anyone by linking my response to this complaint. This seemed the perfect platform for stating a complaint that I felt was similar in that it is in the same category. My Bad!
Good luck with your better understanding.

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I wouldn’t say nothing, it’s useful for calibrating what teams you can or can’t defeat. It’s the easiest variable to look at in evaluating an opponent, but potentially the least beneficial to use in selection.

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Hi, thank you for your input , I do appreciate it

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