How is it possible to get already 2 heros limit breaked?

Technically speaking, we had 2 times limit breakers quests with a maximum of 4 5* ether.
I know you can get through wars (if you are very lucky).

But, honnestly, how in hell can you be enough lucky to just got the 2 5* you were missing to already get 2 of your heros limit break ?


I have received a yellow and red 5* aether as drops… It is very good luck to get the 2 specific colors needed as the exact quests. Certainly possible with RNG but not many will have it yet.

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I have already limit broken a 5 star blue and have enough to limit break a 5 star red. However, i am torn whom to limit break. For me, my in game luck is only positive with my loot as my summons luck is prob below average.

I’m not surprised at all. I’m probably more surprised I don’t see double limit broken heroes more often.

Bcoz, their quests have already happened last & this month,

It is easy to LB an ICE + Fire :fire: 5* heroes
in the whole month, from 8 Wars & 4 tournaments, one each of ICE & Fire 5* Aethers could have dropped for many players to complete the required set of five.

I have received two 5* Aethers of Nature during this month…. So, it is possible !

It can drop from wars and tournaments, 5% chance per drop from tournament. I got a blue right off the bat and broke Krampus, no luck since then.

I don’t understand? The first quest was blue, the second was red. I see a limit broken blue and a limit broken red. How is that possibly mysterious? There is a thread that shows a a top level blue aether as war win loot.

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I thought it’s gonna be 2 same color.
But it’s Red and Blue, then it’s common.

I was lucky enough to get the extra 5* LB’s in the 1st two colors selected. :slight_smile: Fingers crossed for yellow next. LOL

Is yellow the next quest? If so, yippie! That the 5* aether I managed to nab from tourney loot.

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No idea but that is the only other Aether I have ready and waiting :crossed_fingers:

As in all things happening n this game LUCK I have managed to LB a green 3 star

I’m confused by the Bane in your pic. How is he at level 70?

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I was wondering the same thing how did this player get 3 limit breaks on 1 hero please advise @Staff_SGG , @moderators

It has been suggested on another thread that this is not supposed to be possible and that the image has been manipulated.

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