How is it possible? (players with several HOTM)

LOL. “Only” is the right word if you spend 100 dollar/euro per month. Really cheap colored pixels…
All beyond 100 Euro/Dollar per month is “insane spending” category.


All spending is relative. The important things is to set a budget that you can afford. Most of us spend some money on entertainment. Some of my entertainment budget goes here. It may be “only” pixels, but so is a movie or Netflix or HBO…and these pixels come with a social group (or at least mine do).


Breaks down to 3.28 per day which I consider a bargain :smiley:

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A lot of spending is common but also is luck. I did an epic hero summon with a token. I pulled Sartana and two bonus draws of Evelyn. I have read on the forum of three bonus heroes in one go but very rare. Odds of 1% for a bonus and 1 % of that for a second!

Well I for instance rather spend money on a game then most of my colleagues alcohol and girls so. I admit it’s just a game and with the money eventually you can buy good electronics, game for the switch or PC even flying tickets but it all depends on the income of the spender I am working in Africa in a shitty power plant so E&P is a savior when I have nothing to do. :grin:

I think if I had at least 1 legendary pero 30 pulls I would leave my wallet haha but since I made 90 pulls and 0 legendaries FC k it. ;/

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You are completely right. It is all relative.
Let’s say our salary is between 2000-5000 Euro/month. Here i would say spending more than 100Euro/Dollar per month on a single video game is “insane spending”
I am not speaking/writing for millionairs…

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Less than the price of a tall mocha at Starbucks, and easier on the waistline :smiley:


Yes Indeed!!! And it’s not as fleeting as a drink either.


There is a video going around, that I believe is real, of someone doing a pull and getting Melia and 4 Onatel. So three of the bonus draws got bonus draws. Anytime someone talks about RNG, that has got to be an example of one side of the extremes

Yes it can happen. I have 6 Evelyns, 2 Drake Fongs, Ares and 2 Onatels along with Santa, Victor and Kageburado on my team I recieved 2 Evelyns in the same 10 draw.

Playing f2p I pulled 2 HOTM in 3 months. All single pulls, probably no more than 2 dozen pulls total for the 3 months. First was my first 5* in the game.

Of course last was in August and nothing since…

It’s not that bad actually. It’s about a 1 in every 500,000 pulls event. We just probabiity don’t see them often because they tend to be buried in 10-pulls or 30-pulls where the 3 HOTM seem more reasonable.


I started August '17 and was FTP until VIP came out. Since then I have done 1-4 x10 a month. Somehow I have 21 HOTM, 12 unique ones. However I don’t have Magni, Lianna, Sartana, Vivica, Azlar, or Isarnia despite running 1-4 TC20’s nonstop for a year. That is the crazy luck of this game.

I do call it strategy, because I have adopted a few policies to get new heroes:

  • A few months back stopped spending gems on epic summons, only elemental.
  • Last month I also stopped doing elementals (once my TC20 was ready).
  • I save my gems only for event and Atlantis summons (depending on the event, did not spend one gem on Pirates of Corellia).
  • From now on, I will only spend epic tokens if they are allowed at the event summon, like Christmas.

All above has worked great for me, my 5* hero roster went from 0 in August to 11 today, including 4 HsOTM, one event and one second season hero.


I use a similar strategy and have too amassed a nice roster with lots of options for events and with the new trials my thoughts of working my benches to certain levels has really paid off as I have yet to fail any

Only been in this game for just over 28 days and never played on line games before. When I joined I did buy two lots of small number gems and pulled heroes and epic troops. And received two bonus pulls of the January Hero of the month. Was sooooo lucky

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Congratulations on your good luck and on your enthusiasm for the game. I’d caution you against expecting that sort of luck to persist, though. If you summon 30 times, you have less than one chance in three of pulling one or more HOTM.


This is almost exactly what I do as a C2P player.

I also usually stop once I pull a HOTM so I have more tries for next month, seen too many people pull 5+ HOTM for example, or have so many 5*'s they can’t level anyway, just to do it again next month.

This way I stay diversified and most efficient, gives me time to actually grow them instead of just put them on a shelf, and have plenty reserve for the next. It is a gamble though and I will eventually blow through reserve trying but at least I know it wasn’t wasted getting dupes from last month.

It can be really hard sitting on all those tokens for a few months though!! :sweat_smile:


I have gotten a few hotm’s and even two in the same month (Frida). I think it is somewhat random but, actually, what I I find is that you rarely get what you want and instead you get what you usually need.

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