How is it possible? (players with several HOTM)

  • I have no HOTM sob
  • I hope I’m learning to play without them :grin:
  • YES! My favorite game! :grin::grin:

Update: I got my first HOTM in May 2020.


I knew several players who spend over 1000$ daily.
Some people are “Crazy Right Asian” lol
We can’t call right addictive players A hackers.
Nor blame them for spending their own money on what ever makes them happy.
Some like to eat, others to shopping and some are crazy heavey gamers.
Those P2W are there, doing what make them super OPZ players.
Please don’t blame rich players for being just addictive to a game that atract neither of Rich and normal player both.

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The game is much like life. Money and opportunity very frequently equals success. But it doesn’t always equal happiness. Expectations frequently lead to disappointment and rarely happiness. May fortune favor the bold. Lol. Very good share.

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You still haven’t pulled a HOTM? Bad luck

I got Natalya my first month playing. I didn’t even know what HOTM was then…

Since I pulled 2 drakes (don’t recall how) and Khiona (only pull for the month…token)

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I got this last month for one 10x pull - extremely lucky but it foes happen


As simple as …this.

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Wow some good luck, got lucky a few days ago too with HotM, my very first, just one pull. So happy :smiley::pray:t4::wine_glass::champagne:

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I think most of the top tier players would be spending in excess of $1000 a month. I know I have been guilty of getting a bit loose with the card at event times


I hate you so much! :joy:

Like this ?

well that’s bad luck. I got theses two in four pulls in a row. My 2 first 5* x). Got a third 2 days ago (marjanna)


That is a super lucky pull!

don’t think I have ever done more then 30 pulls in a month and have been quite lucky. Have Alasie, gm, 2 drakes, khiona and 2 hels that I got from first Atlantis gate.

I too am yet to pull a HoTM, i suppose its just down to luck. Some of my alliance members who have just started have gotten HoTM off one pull where my 10 gets none

My alternate account is only about 4 months old but it has gravemaker and khiona both free pulls as I put no money into that account. My main account has several HOTM and I haven’t spent that much compared to so many others. It’s all luck based.

Token draw 2 months ago on my alt account:


Well, I have Musashi, Ares, Aeron, Gravemaker, Alasie, Gregorian, drake, Khiona and Aegir. Do about 30-40 pulls a month, sometimes a few more

I have 4 HoTM, playing since late January, spending about tenner a month (depending on events - sometimes twice as much), doing about 20 pulls a month. Maybe I am lucky, but first half a year I thought I was not lucky at all. First 5* came after I built TC20 (not from TC20, but HoTM). Till that time I used max. 4*. This game is about patience and I see that many people are better off not getting 5* first half a year. Otherwise they are frustrated that there is no way to go and got stuck on 2/60. Wait and see, you’ll get it in there in time and you’ll have a team to compete with anyone.

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Add Zim to the list

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I spent 2600 gems on event summon. I got two 4 star and the rest were 3 star. My son has gotten them all thru free summon. It’s ridiculous actually.


I have spent 20 dollars total since September, I have Drake Fong, Khiona & Zimkitha.

Khiona & Zim I pulled off of epic tokens.

It’s luck of the draw.

I have been playing since January and those are my only 3 HOTM.