How is it possible? (players with several HOTM)

Hello good afternoon, I do not know but I see very rare things lately in teams where I face wars and assaults. Every time I meet more people with teams only heroes of the month and uploaded even repeated, I’ve been a year and a peak and I have not left even one.
My question is, is the use of hack being followed to create gems?
I see very strange that even paying you can get those teams and above all uploaded to 80 with accounts that even do not even reach 40 level.

I hope to see what you think about it, thank you


Sounds to me like players with very deep pockets


They’re not hacking, they’re just spending ridiculous amounts of money.


If you search on Youtube there multiple posts of people doing massive pulls during events, etc. Also Zero and Avicious (possibly others) have done videos on how to get your HOTM (or any hero) at max level/ascension in record time.

A little luck goes a long way as well… It’s hard to believe, but it does happen, some people have some very good luck… I’ve spent my share on this game, but I’ve also had tremendous luck with pulls without having to spend small fortunes…


Those players with a team full of maxed HsOTM are employing a real world strategy called “max your credit card” :slight_smile:


Besides some of the HoM were gotten over time , you probably don’t have information on how long those players had been playing , I also supposed HoM are repeated . As mentioned those guys have spent lots of dough for many pulls .

so I’m going to make you angry, frustrated, misunderstood or smiling.

I assure you, I made two purchases of Vip’s. at the beginning of the year just to accelerate TC.
3x gems, (promotion, 200 gems for $ 3.40)

My friends tell me that I’m lucky …
and got 4 HOTM.
Delilah, Aeron, Grave Digger and Drake. hahah
I do not have the bests HOTM, but 3 of them are fixed on my defense team.
i play since november 2017


I know some top 100 players spent 100 - 200 dollar per month on average.

Delilah, Aeron e Drake i got whit hero token.
i won of the game hahaha

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I know many non-top 100 players that spend this much.


I normally do several 10 packs every month to try for HOTM. Normally 100-200. And it’s worked pretty good. Have Musashi, Aeron, Alasie, Gravemaker, Gregorian, Drake and Khiona. Tried a few 10’s for Aegir but didn’t get him. Will do a few pulls during Halloween event.


I have a couple in my alliance who will spend 1k a month on average… sometimes more sometimes less… and that’s not even close to what some people spend.

I have spent a very modest sum and never got an HOTM (since the very first one), while many of my friends here have.

That doesn’t mean my friends are cheating, it means they are more lucky or spend more than I.

Good luck everyone on this month’s HOTM! :slight_smile:


May the odds be in your favor. Lol. Luck, timing, the fates. Many ways of looking at it. Bottom line is no matter what you have, enjoy it. Learn to play better and smarter with it. This is a good game.

  • I have no HOTM sob
  • I hope I’m learning to play without them :grin:
  • YES! My favorite game! :grin::grin:

Update: I got my first HOTM in May 2020.


I knew several players who spend over 1000$ daily.
Some people are “Crazy Right Asian” lol
We can’t call right addictive players A hackers.
Nor blame them for spending their own money on what ever makes them happy.
Some like to eat, others to shopping and some are crazy heavey gamers.
Those P2W are there, doing what make them super OPZ players.
Please don’t blame rich players for being just addictive to a game that atract neither of Rich and normal player both.

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The game is much like life. Money and opportunity very frequently equals success. But it doesn’t always equal happiness. Expectations frequently lead to disappointment and rarely happiness. May fortune favor the bold. Lol. Very good share.

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You still haven’t pulled a HOTM? Bad luck

I got Natalya my first month playing. I didn’t even know what HOTM was then…

Since I pulled 2 drakes (don’t recall how) and Khiona (only pull for the month…token)

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I got this last month for one 10x pull - extremely lucky but it foes happen


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