How is it possible a player has maxed Lady of the Lake and Black Knight within 12 hours of their release?

Its really not that surprising. I don’t see why you cannot compute. Especially with atlantis rising. Im at level 63. I have day 1 maxed several heroes with less than 3 weeks of preparation.


I think it would be possible to have 3 maxed in that time, maybe four — especially if you’re plugged in, know what to prepare for, maxed out, etc.

I’d be more worried about the carpal tunnel than an exploit. Your talking about a well know mechanism that compresses maybe a week (until you see many examples) to a few hours.

Totally doable. Not to mention to actually be an exploit (defined as taking advantage of a published gap) you’d need to have a LOT going on in different areas or one hell of a bug that allowed short circuiting a lot of checks and balances.

I also give no f—is if a well known top player wants to max their stuff quickly.

About the only thing I think would raise an eyebrow as a passive exploit is 5* emblems at or near max —

The flip side; is if you are concerned about something; file a ticket or post a generic question after researching. If you want credibility; earn it through demeanor and preliminary research, test what you find for scenarios — then ask for peer review and feedback.

Read Garawyn’s math posts for good examples.

No villagers, no pitchforks or torches — and no poo flinging an idea presented as an issue, calling out individuals or calls for others to do the preliminary validation.

If your concerned’ own it, develop it and ask for guidance — after reading the forum rules.

Running into stuff like this in the wild is great fun — i like to rematch 3 times personally. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get my ash handed back to me in the 3rd try loot.


As others have said, it is possible. Just manage resources and stockpile resources in TC20. I have almost zero patience to do so, but I know it can be done. Kudos to whomever has these heroes maxed already.

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I can confirm this is true. I just double checked Zephyr’s account and they do not have the ability to check anyone’s account. :confused:


Thanks to their quick maxing (is there such word?), I could quickly get the new hero icons for the Wiki. Thanks Painshaft :slight_smile:


He’s trolling. Close this thread. It’s crystal clear.

I’m F2P and I’ve maxed a 5* hero myself no longer than yesterday. In less than an hour. And I still have all the mats, food and feeders to max two more. My TC11 have been running for 6 months now and my TC20 food storage had a 460d queue (now back to 360). It’s no rocket science.

I could’ve max three 5* in about three hours. Without spending a single dollar.

Move on.


Indeed, it certainly can.

Since you cannot wrap your mind around the proven fact that it is absolutely possible to max level two 5* heroes within 12 hours of their release without cheating.

It absolutely is. The entire community has tried to show you that it is.

You disagree. Fine. So nothing more to be accomplished here, from either side.

Please close the thread.

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Isn’t it more efficient to store in tc13 rather than 20?

Slightly, yes.

But with TC20, you can get an occasional Sartana, Vivica, Lianna… And a little less Graymane. That worth the small difference to me.



First I’m a noob. Now I’m a troll. Lesson learned. I won’t do this again even if I see 4 new releases max level within hours of release. Happy gaming everyone

How do you not comprehend that the basic mechanics of doing it for one means you can do it for 2, 3, 4 or 100?

You can store food and recruits indefinitely and pull them at your leisure. What are you imagining is the limiting factor?

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IDude it’s cool wouldn’t worry about it! I did ask the question what’s the quickest someone has got a hotm or new 5* n what’s the Quickest they been leveled to max! There videos on YT on people doing it! Is a real eye opener once you see it, you can understand how it’s done! My tc13 is about 100 days sure it’s not like a tc20 but still has the same idea for me in the future when I get to tc20 :slight_smile: look them up! Happy gaming

I get it. I never questioned 1 hero max’d right away. See from the very beginning I haven’t.

He had the feeder supply stored up. Got it. Even explained that I understood this from the very beginning

Then ham… he bought some resource dumps. Ok

Then the pulls. He got lucky or spent even more money. Ok

As I said from the beginning. I saw 2 and thought. Wow… no way

I’m done man… everyone here. Including me has said time and time again how you can level up 1 hero right away.

Evidently you can spend money and level up 4 heroes within hours of their release. Got it…

It’s not just big spender that have huge stockpile. In have over 1000 days off ham because I run 3 tc 20 trying to get a hero


I spent 3000€ today to get BK. Did not succeed.

Yep. Well done. I define ham and feeders differently. TC make feeders. Windmills make ham. Not important

Both things are needed. Thanks though. Nice food supply!

I actually think this might be where the disconnect is in your understanding of what people have been saying above — you can bank Ham in TCs.

You said:

What people are pointing out is that you actually don’t need to buy ham/food refills to level heroes quickly like this.

Instead, you can bank ham in TC20, 13, or 12, and “withdraw” it by moving the Recruits to TC11.

For someone with a large queue in those TCs, that process can store millions and millions of ham that can be used when you’re ready to quickly level a hero.

That allows for all the ham that’s needed, without buying refills.

You could also buy refills, I think people have just been trying to point out that it’s entirely possible to power level a hero without spending money on ham.

Where there’s clearly a lot of money spent in a case like this, though, is on Summoning, in order to actually get the heroes to begin with.


And you get everything with money. I fed like 10 or so HOTM’s to that 3* red bunny today.

Frankly, I don’t get the point of this thread. You get everything with money, and it’s all very fast. Why claim that someone is haxor?


You’re right!

Thank you! I’m at the stage where I’m storing heroes. Removing from the training camp to pull ham out was a disconnect for me… fine… I’m a noob :rofl:

So… wow… the back and forth. Carpal Tunnel was not a joke… An amazing feat for PainShaft for sure


Surely everyone can spend their own money on whatever they want, right?

It’s 100% legit to buy ham and heros in this game. It is NOT hacking.

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