How is it possible a player has maxed Lady of the Lake and Black Knight within 12 hours of their release? (Discussion of how heroes can be maxed immediately after release with a little planning ahead, and no need to buy Food)

Nah, wasn’t aimed at you (or anyone). I agree the accusation was serious, inappropriate, and in violation of the forum rules. That has been fixed (in the sense of edited) and everyone (even OP) seems to agree that no cheating occurred.

My point was that a patient explanation of the math and how long it would take to accumulate the resources would likely yield a more productive conversation than multiple posters shouting the OP down.


Yes. I know. 1 hero in a short time period. I already said I wouldn’t have posted. I see 1 maxed on the same day often

2 in less than 12 hours. That’s a first

Someone at MIT is working feverishly to build a robot to accomplish this task, lolz


I’m a C2P pleb and even I know it’s possible to max a new hero in a short amount of time if you have enough hams and recruits at your disposal. Heck, just by saving up a handful of trainers, you can bring a hero up to first ascension in a few minutes. And that’s me, a lowbie low level low experience low worthless cheap low-down know nothing.

But that’s just first ascension, we’re talking about full ascension!

Yeah and I’m just a level 36 nobody who has barely been playing a year and hasn’t even reached triple digit spending. I don’t find it the least bit improbable to think that a high-spending level 80 who has been playing for roughly 2 years (or more, we don’t know when he/she joined the alliance, all we know is that they have been playing for at least 700 days) would be able to amass enough resources to max out a couple of silly 5* heroes (I say silly because at level 80, he’s probably using duplicate 5* heroes as feeders)


You mis-read my post (or didn’t look at the second link); I said I had the resources to max her TWICE.

While I’m not in the league of the player being discussed here, I do note that it is actually HARDER to max two of the same card than two heroes of different elements (since you have to do more off color feeding). :stuck_out_tongue:


i had Grazul maxed and lvl 4 emblems within an hour and lvl 9 the next day…I was saving red feeders (mostly trainer heroes and all red 3, 4, 5* from previous Atlantis’) had all my iron and food maxed and ready to go as soon as she hit the market. Even passed on leveling some others to keep the Tome and D Blade for her…if you plan properly its not that hard to do.


Duplicates? Both those heroes were just released. He can’t have been feeding duplicates to them…

He dumped gems into resources and had months and months of TC’s. And lucky rolls. And quick fingers. And… man… wow… just. I just wanted to check…

you…can…buy…ham…someone spending on enough pulls for two heroes, will spend to max /refill ham.


Hahahahaha, good one. But true. I sacrificed over 30 legendaries till now and I’m only 52.


I think the main point is some people are strategic & plan for releases… and some like me, are more of a Leeeeeroooy Jenkins and fly by the seat of their pants.


plus with the tournament deal you get 20 Trainer heroes every week.


No, no, I wasn’t suggesting that he was feeding duplicate event heroes… I was referring more to the fact that he probably at some point had 10 Thornes and fed 9 of them… as in, like, he has more heroes than he knows what to do with, so this is nothing to him…

Good gawd, I thought I was too wordy already, but I think I’m going to have to make my future posts even longer in order to clarify every single statement I make so that nobody gets the wrong idea… :roll_eyes:


No, no , nooooooo! Please, no! :joy:


Muahahahaha! I think I should be a 5* special event hero. My special skill is that I talk my opponents to death. :grin:


I’m a low C2P, still that’s the ham i have stored.

Just face it and say sorry.
You’ve been salty for something totally possible, expecially for a big spender.


247 k food

247 k food ( 297- 50 )

5x 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80


Its really not that surprising. I don’t see why you cannot compute. Especially with atlantis rising. Im at level 63. I have day 1 maxed several heroes with less than 3 weeks of preparation.


I think it would be possible to have 3 maxed in that time, maybe four — especially if you’re plugged in, know what to prepare for, maxed out, etc.

I’d be more worried about the carpal tunnel than an exploit. Your talking about a well know mechanism that compresses maybe a week (until you see many examples) to a few hours.

Totally doable. Not to mention to actually be an exploit (defined as taking advantage of a published gap) you’d need to have a LOT going on in different areas or one hell of a bug that allowed short circuiting a lot of checks and balances.

I also give no f—is if a well known top player wants to max their stuff quickly.

About the only thing I think would raise an eyebrow as a passive exploit is 5* emblems at or near max —

The flip side; is if you are concerned about something; file a ticket or post a generic question after researching. If you want credibility; earn it through demeanor and preliminary research, test what you find for scenarios — then ask for peer review and feedback.

Read Garawyn’s math posts for good examples.

No villagers, no pitchforks or torches — and no poo flinging an idea presented as an issue, calling out individuals or calls for others to do the preliminary validation.

If your concerned’ own it, develop it and ask for guidance — after reading the forum rules.

Running into stuff like this in the wild is great fun — i like to rematch 3 times personally. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get my ash handed back to me in the 3rd try loot.


As others have said, it is possible. Just manage resources and stockpile resources in TC20. I have almost zero patience to do so, but I know it can be done. Kudos to whomever has these heroes maxed already.

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I can confirm this is true. I just double checked Zephyr’s account and they do not have the ability to check anyone’s account. :confused:


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