How is it possible a player has maxed Lady of the Lake and Black Knight within 12 hours of their release? (Discussion of how heroes can be maxed immediately after release with a little planning ahead, and no need to buy Food)

Feeder can stock in TC11 (unlimited).
Ham can stock in TC20 (unlimited).

Problem solved. Period.


Don’t forget that you get a fair amount of Hero XP from the Summons too.

Pulling multiple 5* Challenge Event Heroes is going to mean a ton of 3-5* feeders, barring extraordinary luck.


Not true. I have more ham in my tc20 than I need.


Ok. Don’t check. Thanks moderator. Sorry to have wasted everyone’s time. And sorry I wasted my money here.

Exactly, I am just trying to show the OP that even without doing anything it is possible to max 2x 5* heroes if one prepares for a month. That’s why I didn’t even use the hams from raids, chests, levels etc. :slight_smile:


Again, the Forum is for player peer support.

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That moment when the patience of a moderator is hardly tested…


@Shoop, I realize you’re getting piled on here a little bit and that sucks. I honestly think everyone should back up a little bit. Perhaps a friendly reminder from a mod that we could all be a bit more civil?

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Just making sure it’s clear that we’re all fellow players here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Obviously no one here is going to be checking on anyone’s account, since none of us have access to do so.


The only amazing thing here (IMO) is the patience and determination required to push that many buttons on a screen in such a short timeframe.


Or surviving opening the visa statement at the end of the month.


I would disagree due to the OP making a very serious acquisition, but I see your point so I deleted my post since i assume this was partially directed at me.

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I apologize. I see how it came across as shaming. I realize […] has been here a long time. Sorry […].

2 in less than 12 hours… wow. My hats off. Serve the crow. I’ll eat it. I just wanted admin to look and make sure that it was legitimate as this was less amazing to see and more frightening for someone who has given the game much personal money also

In another game I play. RR2. An old players account was banned. He was using some 3rd party hack. So… I was biased.

Two in less than 12 hours. So unbelievable… I only wanted verification, not to attack


I will attempt to make a constructive post:

On May 1st, information about Seshat was posted. I probably saw it a few days later and decided I wanted to prepare for her (acquisition and power leveling).

On July 1st, I posted that I summoned Seshat. At the time I noted (and posted) that, before feeding Seshat, I calculated that I had the resources to max her twice over. I had done that in a little under two months. And easily. All I did was save regular summon tokes, not collect my TC 11’s, and farm heavily during the Atlantis Rises immediately preceding.


I don’t know who […] is, seems like another player similar to zero. But I now know why he’s named […], cause he must be feeling from pushing buttons for hours to accomplish that feat. I leveled a five star once in a few hours, I hated every minute of it but just wanted to accomplish it for myself. It is a crap ton of work can’t even begin to imagine how much more annoying it is to do two of them same day ugh


Nah, wasn’t aimed at you (or anyone). I agree the accusation was serious, inappropriate, and in violation of the forum rules. That has been fixed (in the sense of edited) and everyone (even OP) seems to agree that no cheating occurred.

My point was that a patient explanation of the math and how long it would take to accumulate the resources would likely yield a more productive conversation than multiple posters shouting the OP down.


Yes. I know. 1 hero in a short time period. I already said I wouldn’t have posted. I see 1 maxed on the same day often

2 in less than 12 hours. That’s a first

Someone at MIT is working feverishly to build a robot to accomplish this task, lolz


I’m a C2P pleb and even I know it’s possible to max a new hero in a short amount of time if you have enough hams and recruits at your disposal. Heck, just by saving up a handful of trainers, you can bring a hero up to first ascension in a few minutes. And that’s me, a lowbie low level low experience low worthless cheap low-down know nothing.

But that’s just first ascension, we’re talking about full ascension!

Yeah and I’m just a level 36 nobody who has barely been playing a year and hasn’t even reached triple digit spending. I don’t find it the least bit improbable to think that a high-spending level 80 who has been playing for roughly 2 years (or more, we don’t know when he/she joined the alliance, all we know is that they have been playing for at least 700 days) would be able to amass enough resources to max out a couple of silly 5* heroes (I say silly because at level 80, he’s probably using duplicate 5* heroes as feeders)


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