How is it possible a player has maxed Lady of the Lake and Black Knight within 12 hours of their release? (Discussion of how heroes can be maxed immediately after release with a little planning ahead, and no need to buy Food)

There you go @Shoop … I actually made the video @ThePirateKing just posted specifically because I remember you asking how this was possible. I wanted to show everyone how if you prepare and have enough patience, this is totally possible.


Ha! I just came here to link this video :joy:

the interesting thing on this was that he had maxed them both in like ? 12 hours and was placed second in legendary if remember correctly and in couple of next hours placed in rare and epic top 100

I would like to see it all together done from start to end lol … such an amount of LUCK … impressive

It took me 3 days to place in top 1000 in rare, ended 530 and after almost 4 months of playing ascended my first 5 star Seshat.

Looking forward for next event.

How many fully maxed 4* did you have at the time of maxing Seshat?

How is it possible this is still an ongoing thread?


Hey, look, 5/5. Even this is possible With the right planning.

(Not my screenshot, but edited to block out the user)

(Also, count this a personal apology to the mods if this gets out of hand again :slight_smile: )


It never dies

20 resurrections

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Gosh darned necromancers…


LOL Forum Alby strikes again!


You forgot to mention that all the troops were also leveled from lvl.1 since S III was released :sunglasses:


He actually did 5 full sets of both mana and crit in 17 minutes.


It’s just selling tactics, in other words it’s a trap.
They making you believe that these things are possible so that you are spending more money and at least quick.
It’s the same with the pulls, they want you to believe that the mainstream of ppl playing this game doing a lot of pulls (10 or more) to get the newest heroes.
So don’t fall into this trap.
There are also a lot of fake accounts in here, all controlled by the company of this game.
So be careful and use you’re common sense.

I’m so annoyed by all these conspiracy theories :roll_eyes: who controls you?


@zephyr1 I’m sorry for this. I figured it was a slow day for you

@Tunder… you should read this thread, not just the last post. This is not a tactic, conspiracy, or any of the other crazy things in your post.

This is planning, (over)spending, and dedication to a game. it is not only very possible but not that difficult when you reach a certain level in this game.


Lol, This is precisely what I mean.
and all gonna love your comment :+1:t2:

Sorry guys for interrupting, won’t disturb you any longer. Have a nice day :+1:t2:

It is possible to obtain and max level brand new heroes quickly if you spend enough money and stock up enough feeders.

And there actually are a lot of people playing this game and spending a whole lot of money on it.

I don’t think most of the posters or players with great rosters are using fake accounts.

That being said, just because these things are possible, does not make them probable. Don’t be fooled, these players with their top rosters have spent a whoooole lot of money. So yes, use your common sense when buying gems and such, and do not expect to be pulling multiple legendary heroes without dropping some very serious cash in the process.

I can assure you that I am a very real person. Although at the moment I am persona non grata AKA Public Enemy # 1 around here… I’m not afraid to speak up about issues that I think should be changed in the game. But at the same time, I won’t peddle in unsubstantiated conspiracy theories either. At this point I am perfectly content to alienate both sides of any argument.


@TGW, I don’t see you as a PNG. I don’t agree with every point you make, but I find many of your comments and points insightful and constructive to the discussion at hand.


Reminder that there is no naming and shaming of players on the Forum. The player’s name has been redacted. Thanks.

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I am currently using

  • train at level 11 (45 heroes to pick up, and two queue days)
  • train at level 11 (45 heroes to pick up, and two queue days)
  • train at level 13 (15 heroes to pick up and 512 queue days)
  • train at level 20 (25 heroes to pick up and 100 queue days)

at the moment the trains at level 11 are quite skinny because I used them four days ago to raise the heroes I needed.
I want to try to see if I can get to the thousand. (not so impossible, three months are enough :stuck_out_tongue: )

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