How is it possible a player has maxed Lady of the Lake and Black Knight within 12 hours of their release? (Discussion of how heroes can be maxed immediately after release with a little planning ahead, and no need to buy Food)

C’mon… not even 12 hours after access and they’re both maxed…

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It isn’t hacking, he simply understands how to set aside his resources (feeders and ham) for future use … he may have got lucky and got Lady and BK on a 10 pull or he may have spent 500 or 5000, that’s his business, but it’s certainly not hacking.


“Certainly not” lmao

I have a hard time buying that nonsense for 1 hero. You can’t set aside enough ham top off 1 within hours. You can store feeders up. But for 2?!?

2 of them!..

Just check please. I’m not encouraged to spend money by seeing something like this


you can pull 100 recruits + a decent chunk of ham from your TC20 queues…

This is a pretty well documented strategy, there’s several guides on it, including a great video by Nittany here: Beginner’s Guide to E&P Ep. 07 - Training Camps


C’mon guys. I said you can store feeders. I’m not new to this.

Don’t collect from any TC in several months. That maybe gets you enough for 1

You still don’t have the ham.

He has 2 within hours!


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Why not? I am just a normal player and I have 19.6 million ham stored right now among my 3x TC20s in around 10 days. He is a pro and must have stored for atleast a month. It’s very easy to store ham. :slight_smile:


[…] is in the top of EVERY challenge event. I’m quite certain he is both spending big and has huge reserves.

This is a nonsense topic.


Yes you do. You pull out of TC20, and if you need to dump the recruits you put them into TC11. That nets you 175k food. Rinse…repeat. Some people have a year+ stored up in multiple training camps.

If you have multiple rows of trainer heroes stored up, the food cost isn’t very high.

Did you notice the 80?? Level 80. EIGHTY

And if you somehow run out of food…you can buy with gems.

The unlevelled MLF with the group is kinda funny though.


This. 80 times this.


It still costs ham! Not just the heroes in your tc’s. It still cost ham to dump them in.


I see 1 max right away all the time, and wouldn’t have bothered. It cost both ham and heroes from TC’s. Both those things are required.

1 hero. Ok. But 2. Get real…

And if he choose to go low cost he can spare even more food … after having a nice rooster its very commom… i have 300 training in ct20…


Not to mention he can also skip training with gems, a costly proposal but still possible.


Haha. So… rerolls and skips and resources dumps.

[…] is Bill Gates. Who knew…

Please just check omg…

Getting real.

He’s a level 80. He joined his alliance 704 days ago. Dude probably had like 100 years worth of ham and recruits in TC11 slow training.

Not to mention more than enough impressive roosters to win “best in show” in any internet poultry measuring contest. :grin:


LOL… I guess we talk in vain with you… […] is one of the most known players in the game and a big big spender. Savvy? No hack whatsoever… There are players with thousands of feeders in TC2 and/or elemental. Just yesterday I saw one member here (he posted a ss) with thousands of feeders in TC2. What is so incredible? Please, just stop, please. You make everyone here nervous.


I’m not nervous. You guys nervous huh? Why is that?

No-ones going to waste their time looking into this. It takes +/- 1260 Feeders to max a hero. On a very conservative TC2, 11, 11 and a 13 or 20 bank for ham you can max a 5* in 17 days. This is merely not leveling for a month to do this.


Laugh would be a better word choice here.


You’re right :joy: Besides, I think he likes trolling…


It wouldn’t the first time that long term players have been pinched.

Hold on I’ll pull up some chat logs from other games that 5 year long veterans got pinched

If he spent money… so much money… holy cow money on refills and rerolls. Fine. Serve up the crow. Easy enough to look and see.

1 hero yeah yeah. That’s some serious saving. And why not? He can save. But 2?!

J U S T C H E C K ! ! ! !

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