How is Evelyn compare to Zeline, Greg, Lianna?

Zeline is that axis of evil in defense (with GM & Guin), Lianna is a beast in defense as well.
Raiding is she better than Greg ?
Titans stack well with Greg Zeline Lianna Tarlak.

I think she is worthy to be HOTM, but in all situation she might not be if you have Zeline, Greg, Tarlak, Lianna.
If all above green mention were at 1/1 would you ascend Evelyn ahead of those 4?

I would ascend her over Lianna, Zeline and Gregorion for sure. Tarlak might be better, but he works also in lvl 70/3. That nature defence puff is absolutely awesome for titans and events. So I actully think, she is the must have green hero. :wink:

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There were people who tries to get Zeline at the Atlantis summon, do you think they are happy to know that Evelyn was better?20181201_152902


Question is if you are able to ascend your first 5* green, will you give tonics to Evelyn? Or will she only shine when stacking green?

If I am lucky enough to get Evelyn, I will be using her with Lady Locke. A full cleanse and a partial debuff are great, but the attack stacks where a five green tile will hurt and fhe follow up shard will kill.

Pls come home Eve.


Evelyn will be a must have against blue titans and events where green stacks are king. Will also be great in general for raiding purposes. I don’t think much of Greg at all, but Zeline and Lianna are great 5* greens. Lianna is one dimensional, she just hits. But she hits HARD and fast. So Lianna is great but she’s not unique as a hitter. Zeline is a great tool kit and she hits all enemies fast, reduce attack; she’s great. Certainly a queen in raids I would prioritize the green panther if I’m choosing between these three. Elemental debuff stacks with regular defense debuff, throw in an attack buff or two (some of em stack) and she’s a titan killer. Tarlak is a green attack buffer who stacks with other attack buffers.

I have Evelyn now, to go along with my fully leveled Lianna, Gregorian, Horgwall. Have Elkanen and Kadelin at 3/70. Caedmon fully leveled and Peters at 3/67. I run single color teams and can’t wait till a blue Titan pops up.


Greg hit hard as well the crit, you still benefit after the hit, average speed, and I think he’s slightly ahead of Lianna.

I have Gregorion and most of the time you will not feel the effect of his crit. It only last 3 turns and only 30%. That’s on average 1tile of crit per row of 3. Ares, on the other hand, can really feel the power of his crit since the Attack buff amplify the crit making tile damage much deadlier.
I really want his special to be fast mana but right now i rate him below lianna.

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I have both, I feel he’s more useful than Lianna, maybe that’s my biase. I also have Ares, but I don’t like taking red heroes against Titan.

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Don’t you think Lianna pairs better with this month hotm? Both special goes off at the same time, allowing you to pick off which hero to kill, instead of waiting out for another turn for greg

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Yup Greg’s critical makes him great for titans. He’s nothing to sneeze at imo

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Honestly how many blue tanks do you see in the diamond arena? I see mostly red and yellows, in term of titans why and not bring all three.
I have Guardian Jackal ( very fast ) & Joon(fast) , they often end up having their ready together, but you can fire Jackal and wait another turn for Joon to fire, I don’t think it’s a problem.

My priority is yellow and blue, if I’m lucky enough to get Evelyn, she will have to wait at least 6 months before I touch her.

I see a couple of blue tank in diamond honestly, some even put Alasie or Arthur as tank. But Evelyn and Lianna should bring most down regardless of Color.
The slowest of jackel and joon is fast, but Greg is average so makes a difference there.

The prob with this game is lack of mat to max your 5*, I have no prob to max a few rainbow 4*, even if you get the heroes, you are waiting months to get enough mats, if there are offer they are often with farmable mat and gem where you pay US $100 for a single D.blade. What is the point of buying gem , get the hero then watch them sit around for months to be max.


Jackal is very fast, Joon is fast.
Falcon is average

People been waiting along time for a 5* green debuffer. I hope she’s worth the wait for them

Evelyn is a defense down hero and as long as you carry another green sniper it doesn’t matter what color tank their is. It’s a defense down for green heros. Blue heros will take even more damage. But she is still useful against any color tank. Pair her with Lianna and you can one shot their entire team in a raid

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I have problem with special attacks about evelyn

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