How is Drake Fong as a tank? Better than Joon?

My son’s account got pretty lucky last month. He got a hero coin and drew Joon. Also got the Drake Fong bonus. He just got his 6th dart and his alliance runs yellow tanks in war, so he wants a yellow tank to build around.

Which one would be better for him? I wasn’t sure what to say.


I think both are better in flank or support but based on (defence + health) stats and number of targets damaged (although the AI may mistarget of course) I would probably do Fong.

Joon is fantastic for offence - but if you put him as tank you know his special won’t “go to waste.”

The only other 5 star he got was Gregorian, and he won’t be getting a bunch of 5 stars anytime soon. He can move one from tank eventually, but I couldn’t answer which one to ascend for now

If you want a good attacking team, both are good but Joon is probably better.

Drake is a bit of an all-rounder and can do attack or defence.

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Joon is a bad tank and is worse than Drake Fong in that aspect but he is better in every other area other than raid’s defense.

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Anchor/7DD ratings have:

Joon: A on titans, A on offence, B on defense
Drake: B on titans, A on offence, A on defense (but B in tank role)

But Anchor is picky; the only 5* yellows that earn an A as a tank are Guin and Justice, but I’d put Delilah in that crew. And Drake is definitely more like a B+ to Joon’s B- as a tank. Drake’s 3-target blind makes him a more dangerous tank.

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A careful reading of the 7DD opinions in Kerridoc’s post should convince your son to elevate Joon.

This game is about offense/attack. Drake will get the nod only if the AW strategy takes precedence.

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Almost a year after Drake’s release, have your opinions changed? I seem to find him more often lately in raid defense teams, and it’s not uncommon for him to be tanking.

I personally have no trouble with him, but that’s more because I almost always run with three purples on my attack team. I’m curious now because my defense team has been getting slaughtered lately and I’m looking to switch things up. I’m looking to try out a purple tank with two yellow flanks or vice versa, so I’m wondering if I’d be better off with a Drake tank and two purples flanks, or a purple tank and Drake and Joon flanks.

Drake is a solid tank and he is better than Joon in a defense but to know how would we set your defense you should post your other heroes aswell :slight_smile:


I’d say @Kerridoc’s assessment of “B+ tank” for Drake has held up quite well over time :slight_smile:

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I thought about doing that, but I didn’t wanna completely hijack the thread.

But since you asked, I’ll at least list my maxed 5*s…


  • Hel +5
  • Khiona +4
  • Sartana


  • Joon
  • Drake
  • Onatel


  • Arthur
  • Alasie +7


  • Evelyn +2
  • Tarlak +6


  • Marjana +4
  • Ares +5
  • Mitsuko +6
  • Gravemaker +5

My current defense team is…

Tarlak - Alasie - GM - Hel - Joon

I’ve been knocked out of diamond three times in the past couple weeks, which used to only happen maybe once every couple of months when I used Ares and Arthur instead of GM and Alasie. I’m winning more of my defenses with my current lineup, but it seems I’m getting attacked waayyy more often.

Try this:
Evelyn - Gravemaker - Drake Fong - Hel - Alasie

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Thanks for the input! I’ll give that a shot.

Drake Fong fairs well in the Tank role, His special gives him an edge on Joon, Slightly better shield on DF also.

Of those heroes, Alasie-Khione-Onatel-Hel-GM team would be surest way to make me hit reroll.


If Horghall or Justice is an A tank according to 7DD, there are a number of tanks more deserving of that elusive A grade for tank.

I’m not sure whether some of the grades are outdated

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