How is Coronavirus impacting you

I went 9ish months with only knowing one person who contracted Covid.

Then winter fell. Our alliance has had one friend/player lose a father to COVID, 1 a grandfather and 1 their coworker. Three in our alliance also tested positive but in relatively good health, including my mother-in-law and wife. My wife is currently quarantined from myself and kids who are negative. School is back in session (in person) so Im running eLearning for kindergarten and 2nd graders plus my work. I am tired of this.


There was a study done on transmission from over 10 million asymptomatic people, and it basically stated asymptomatic people don’t spread the virus.

If I find the energy to look for the study, I’ll post it, but you could probably Google it and find it just as quick.


I’ve had it. I gave it to my family. We are mostly recovering, but I sent my adult son to the hospital for a few days because I did not have the resources to help him any longer from home.

Also, I am a registered nurse. I am asked daily if I can work. They will work me every day if I allow them. Most of the units of the hospital I work at are now covid units. It definitely is draining our resources. I lost a coworker this week. She had been battling covid for about a month before she passed. She had been employed at my hospital for about 40 years.


Thank you for your service. You are a hero at the best of time. I feel we need to hear from more healthcare providers as to what it’s really like.


If it’s this one:

Then they screened 10 million people post-lockdown and found 300 asymptomatic cases and 0 new confirmed cases.

CDC and WHO indicate that asymptomatic spread can occur, but WHO takes the statement that more research needs to be done on the subject. Also, you can be pre-symptomatic and spread the disease (which is different than asymptomatic folks who never experience symptoms).

I’m not an epidemiologist and don’t know what a IgM or any of that stuff is. As a casual reader of the article, I’m not convinced it disproves asymptomatic transmission (or that it even tries for that matter). Seems like it’s more of a ‘good job on the lockdown, it worked!’ thing in Wuhan where even asymptomatic cases after an extended stringent lockdown were not contagious.


That’s the one. Sorry, I wrote it in a rush job, and coughed out ‘10 million asymptomatic studied,’
I’d edit, but we’re already here.

Should say ‘10 million people were studied, and of those that were asymptomatic, none were found to transmit.’

My initial takeaway was that they haven’t found data to suggest that asymptomatic are spreading.

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Very sorry to hear about the loss of your coworker. You are both true heroes. Please be safe and take care.


Where was this 10M ppl study done and how thorough was the contact tracing? Which medical journal was it published in?

Particularly with there newer variants from UK and South Africa and the fact that the virus is now airborne we are seeing a significant uptick in spread from ppl unaware they have been exposed.

Kikyo posted a link about two posts above.

I think Kikyo also addressed that it’s more likely pre-symptomatic people rather than asymptomatic.


My uncle passed away last month …


That is terrible. Sorry for your loss.

Thank u… :frowning:

I’m very sorry to hear. :confused:


my uncle was my favorite person. I hope to get used to it in time … but it’s too hard for meThank you for your interest :frowning:



Very true +20 reasons to stay inside


I will have my first dose of vaccine this monday, and my wife the day after.

Let’s see how it goes.


Im sure it will go well Elpis, Im curious about how available the vaccine is where people live.

Where I live vaccines are currently available for high-risk candidates:

Early doses will be available for:

  • residents, staff, essential caregivers (including family caregivers) and other employees in congregate living settings for seniors
  • health care workers, including hospital employees, staff who work or study in hospitals and health care personnel
  • adults in First Nations, Métis and Inuit populations
    adult recipients of chronic home health care

Phase 2 is scheduled for March to July for the elderly and other high-risk people such as teachers, food-processing workers, etc.

Phase 3, when vaccines are expected to be generally available, is expected to start in August.

I expect earliest I could get it would be July when the elderly age has dropped to my level.


We have the same priority list in BC but I’m hoping we “regular” old people will start getting it by May.

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