How is Coronavirus impacting you

BC has just implemented a two week lockdown for the province. Masks are mandatory in all public spaces. You can still shop and dine in restaurants (if they comply with safety protocols) but you need to wear a mask except at your table.

I’m not sure it’s going far enough though. Schools are still open and it doesn’t specifically say masks are mandatory. Travel is restricted to essential but I’m not convinced it’ll be enforced.

It’s frustrating knowing the Island went from 0 cases to triple didgets in a very short time. Obviously it’s being brought here by boat or plane. Our hospitals are already starting to get more cases.

We’ve somehow forgotten that the whole reason for restrictions in the first place was to protect our hospitals and health care providers.


I was just told my doctor has to get a test done through exposure to a patient who tested positive. He’s 79, been my doctor for 50 years. His brother in England got Covid in the spring and was on a ventilator for two weeks, then was a month recovering from being on the ventilator.

Meanwhile deniers of the pandemic are invading hospitals.

What is wrong with our species?


Natural selection doesn’t apply to us anymore.

Dumbest monkey used to be eaten by saber teeth tigers.
Our dumbest individuals tho usually don’t get eat but end in politics.

We really need more saber teeth tigers.



My son has autism. He’s 24. Recorder was his “gateway instrument.” His 5th grade class learned to play. He now plays recorder, all keys of pennywhistle (Irish whistle), trumpet, guitar, banjo, bass, harmonica, and a mean tambourine.

My late husband was a music teacher. Thank you to all the music teachers out there! You bring so much joy to the world!!!


I agree! I think it’s awful some schools are dropping music programs for lack of funding. Music fills our souls!



This is probably not an appropriate place to post this question… but the topic is, after all, “how is Coronavirus impacting you”

I have been doing everything I can to avoid exposure to the virus. Unfortunately, a combination of irresponsible people and incompetent government has resulted in the virus running totally rampant in the streets here. And in spite of my best efforts to avoid it as much as possible, I am now running dangerously low on my lifeline savings.

Can someone please recommend an entry level employment opportunity that will not force me to expose myself to hundreds of anti-masker super spreaders? I’d like to be able to pay my rent without risking my life in the process, if at all possible.


Hit up for job opportunities in your area that don’t involve direct contact with the public. Maybe something in a warehouse/factory. Probably not ideal, but the pay is usually decent (certainly not great). Also, most if not all of them now require masks to be worn at all times while working. Social distancing must be maintained as well. Just a thought off the top of my head.


Worked in warehouses before. They are absolutely not COVID safe. Very much the opposite.

I’d probably be safer as a delivery driver or night shelf stocker.

Thanks for the suggestion though!


If you need something little you could work for Uber Eats or one of those services. I wonder what E&P are gonna do for Valentines day (might get cupid)


Its been quite some time since my last post asking so I will again. @Petri @ScottySG @mhalttu You guys represent a work force outside of America and I was wondering if coronavirus is still impacting work life balance in your respective countries. Im curious if E&P has made any drastic changes (that you can mention) based on the virus. More importantly Im hoping all of yall are doing well I know most of you try to keep a good distance from topics like these but its good to hear that yall are doing well (if you are doing well then I do hope things get better asap).


That is one I have considered, though I have talked to a few of those guys, they work mostly for tips. Which can be great if you have good tippers, but a bad tipper can end up costing you gas money. :confused:

Still on the table though as an option, as my interactions with others would be somewhat limited (limited to single contact at pickup and single contact at destination; if I’m wearing a mask for both brief interactions, I’m assuming I’ll be at low risk overall).

The warehouse thing though is just no bueno. I worked in warehouses for 15 years. Hundreds of people in close quarters, working hard, breathing heavy, in a massive enclosed building with poor ventilation… then all crowding into a small break room at the same time. Any time one person in my department got a slight case of the sniffles, a week later everybody had caught it.

Don’t believe the commercials. Those shipping and receiving jobs are not safe. And don’t buy into the “flexible hours” thing either. What they mean by “flexible hours” is “hey, remember how you signed up to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? Well, we’re pretty busy right now, so we’re going to ‘flex’ your hours to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

“You will never see your family ever again, but just think of the extra overtime you’ll be earning! Don’t even bother going home. By the time you get there, have dinner, take a shower, go to bed, you’ll have to turn around and wake up and come back in again. We’ve set up cots in the break room, or you can sleep in your car in the parking lot.”

And of course you might as well uninstall E&P from your phone, because you won’t have any time for that sort of nonsense. You are now a cog in the machine, it is now your full time 24/7 job to ensure that other people get stuff delivered to them so that they can enjoy a normal life while you work your body to death inside a florescent lit windowless concrete structure wondering if you’ll ever see natural light again.

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Data entry, invoice processing, contact tracer, odd jobs (clean gutters, rake leaves, shovel snow), Shipt, etc.

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How are there more cases than ever when we have been wearing these masks since march? Maybe the masks aren’t working

Contact tracer! Didn’t even realize they employed people for that. Thanks for the suggestion!

The masks only work when you wear them. Too many people don’t, that’s the problem.

That and the masks aren’t 100% effective. You’re still supposed to limit your contact with others.

And it does you zero good if you wear the mask all week, then take it off when you’re hanging out with a bunch of family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while, and you’re all hugging each other. All it takes is for one of those people to be sick.

There is way too much of a belief amongst some people that “oh that’s my mom / brother / cousin / best friend / etc., there’s no way they have COVID, I can take my mask off when I’m hanging out with them.” Maybe your mom / brother / cousin / best friend have been exposed to the virus and just don’t know it. Maybe they usually wear their masks, but a couple of days ago, they went out to hang out with other friends/ family and thought “oh there’s no way these guys are sick” so they took their masks off while there.

I do not believe for one second that the majority of people are following the guidelines 100% of the time. I’ve seen both video and firsthand evidence of multiple people ignoring the mask mandate. The only people you should ever be unmasked around are people that you live with. Anyone else from outside of your own household - whether they are related to you, best friends, trustworthy, etc. whatever, you have to assume that they might be carrying the virus. You cannot just assume that they’re not carrying it because they gave you their word or because they’re not showing any symptoms.


Yeah that makes sense. A very strange disease


Stange indeed

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It’s actually similar to other existing diseases in many ways, but also different. It’s stronger and more infectious than most of the viruses we’re used to. And unlike the typical cold and flu viruses that tend to go around every year, most people do not have any natural immunities to COVID.

There is a theory that children may have a greater resistance to it. Most likely due to the fact that their immune systems adapt much quicker than adults, and are able to identify the virus as a foreign invader that does not belong in the body fast enough to eradicate it before it spreads (whereas adult immune systems are mostly on the lookout for the usual suspects, and do not immediately recognize COVID).











In the UK they decided to test a whole City (Liverpool in case you aren’t from these here parts) to try and stem the spread as it was a hotspot.

Within a few days they’d found 700 people who were positive and felt absolutely fine. That’s how this thing is spreading still.

It’s like doing a 10 pull in this game…there’s a 97% chance you get ill and a 3% chance you win the Virus of the Month and have zero symptoms.

Coupled with the fact that the population is weary of social distancing and getting lax and that’s why we are getting these big 2nd waves.

I’m hoping the vaccine starts to build a herd immunity and the virus starts to die due to a lack of people to infect but who knows. Hard to second guess this thing at the minute.


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