How is Coronavirus impacting you

What an enjoyable read, and…

strangely pleasant gem this was, from…


I would recommend a delta costume
As the stats seem to have not…
Kept up with the times.

Cancel that,
I am kidding, of course! We need no reminders and the work remains most brilliant, as ever! :wink:

I worry that the barriers we place between us; have constructed a simple and effortless process, to pit us against one another.

The carnivorous appetite to dismantle our social fabric, by two warring factions is not confined within the blue walls of this forum.
Is yet another, global pandemic


The more we socially distance the more we forget how to socially interact.

Soon we’ll revert back to the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Somewhat paradoxically, My social interactions have improved. I can finally communicate with people without them invading my personal space although women seem to respect this less than men in my case. This doesn’t bother me too much as I love women mostly.

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It’s been almost two years now. I always had respect, but hope and confidence. Now the numbers are rising rapidly again and a new variant is in the game that cannot yet be assessed. And while the intensive care units in the hospitals are overcrowded and hundreds of people die every day, people take to the streets to demonstrate against the measures. Measures that are supposed to protect us and which, in my opinion, are still too harmless. Our government has decided to tighten things slightly (highest numbers ever, but no lockdown), effective from Saturday, one day after Black Friday (hail, God Mammon!). We have people who consciously meet in groups with infected people in order to become infected so that they are considered healthy later and do not have to be vaccinated. For fear of long-term side effects (presumably those people who drink a lot of alcohol, smoke cigarettes and take sweets as a main meal). When you think the world can’t get any crazier, someone will come along and prove you wrong. In short, yesterday was the first day of the pandemic that I was really scared. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay healthy.


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