How is Coronavirus impacting you

My states restrictions have eased as well but in many situations I still mask (im vaxed too) because im used to it.

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Taking the metro (subway) for the first time since March 2020. I’m vaxed. Masks are required. Don’t love it on a 95 degree day. Metro employee on train is not wearing a mask. Not actually concerned, but seems like he should me following the rules.

Many stores here now have signs that the fully vaxxed don’t need to wear masks.

Same where I am, so glad to be free of the face diaper.

In Poland, they are already started talking about 4th wave in September. And it does not care if you are vaxxed or not. Restrictions will be probably for everyone. Of course, it is not something new, that in autumn we have in Poland usual flu season, but now Covid became more popular, and flu is passe.

From time to time we can hear that something will be available only for vaxxed people, but it is fully against the Polish constitution and Polish law. I hope that sooner or later people will understand that everything is just a game. Not covid passports, then according to EU plans, virtual EURO, and we are close to the Chinese social credit system. Initially is was said that two shots of mRNA will be enough and “everything will come back to normal”, but they are preparing for a 3rd show.

What is funny that during a “lockdown” in spring, some restaurants owners said “enough” and they tried to open them. They had some police visits and they received some fines to pay, but luckily Polish courts almost always cancel those illegal fines. And the same about masks outdoors. In spring, when police caught you without a mask on the street, you had to pay a fine. If you refused, it went to the court, but also, in this case, fines were illegal.

Also last year some government representatives told that masks are fully useless outdoors, and lockdowns make no sense, but probably after some nice bank transfers, they changed their minds.

Another thing to emphasize is covid deaths. I guess it is not something new, that is some person had a heart attack, but was covid positive an official reason of death was a covid.

I think the next flu season will show, what we can expect from vaccines, if they are really good and will protect people, if it is just a good business and a good reason to limit people’s freedom. And in Poland, we know something about that. If you lose a freedom it is really, really hard to take it back. Stay safe.


Got my 2nd vaccine yesterday (Moderna) and I’m so happy to check that finally off my to-do list. BC has relaxed restrictions since our vaccine numbers are rising quickly. I’ll continue to wear a mask until I’m fully protected and I may choose to continue wearing one until our fully vaccinated number is over 70%.

Canada is on track to have 70% fully vaccinated by the end of July. Most Canadians are still leery about opening the US border too soon.


I was completed the two doses of Covishield, in India Sponsored by the Indian Govt. First dose I was taken in 6 April 2021. After taking the first dose after 24 hrs. I got light fever and body pains but they went off their own after two days. I was taken 2nd dose on 29 June 2021 this time mild body pains observed every thing is OK now


Very good impact on the life’s of people, in our state. The first wave was neglected by many people and have opinion that it will not attack them because they are more strong and their immunity levels are very high. Even though govt was warned the public about the seriousness, people are neglected, due to some misbeliefs. But in the second wave many people are dead to this irrespective of so many misbeliefs. Now everybody wearing a mask of double layer and some three fold. For this fear private hospitals are also contributed considerably by charging fees $15000 to $50000 per patient for treating the Covid19. In some hospitals for rich people they are spending even $100,000 - $200,000. even after spending the money there is no guarantee that he will survive from the effect of Covid-19. Now approximately 70% of the population was taking care about health habits. And those who are not respecting their life are still dying

It was also changed the present life style. Before Covid-19 many people used to eat junk foods even though they have home cooking facilities, now many people preparing the food at their home. of course it was affected the hotel industry. Now hotels are also changed their menu and canvasing that all their preparations are containing immunity booster. Increasing the use of Ginger and Pepper in all the food items. Previously only in some traditional food recipes containing Ginger and Pepper, Now it was using in every food item and drinks

Covid-19 was created a great terror on everybody’s Life and created huge distance between the loved ones and mental pain

Weird to see this at over 2k replies now but an update from me:

Feeling good life is simi back to normal for me still keeping up with the new variants as I have vacations planned again (never thought Id get to say that). Got back into E&P a little more now and hoping all of you are doing well.


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