How is Coronavirus impacting you

What news? goes to find out

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I’m wondering too. ?? Can you please be more specific and/or link your sources, please.

Today I got the second shot of the vaccine.

Here in Spain those who got the first shot of Oxford/ AstraZeneca have to choose between the Pfizer one or repeat with AZ (if the second option is chosen, then the citizens must sign a consent exempting the government of any responsibility).

The government claimed that it was better to get the Pfizer vaccine, but the majority of people (including me) chose the AZ vaccine despite the bad reports about it.

The research about mixing two vaccines seemed to be useless for the government, despite the fact that our health minister assured that it was sure and effective. Another waste of time, effort and money by the Spanish politicians (again). :man_facepalming:t4:

Regarding the vaccine, I don’t have any symptom and I could worked normally. @TGW was told that the second dose could be more painful, but in my case I just feel a little pain.

My son also got the AZ and he’s perfectly happy asking for it again for his second shot. It’s tragic that the messaging and information has been so confusing.

I understand thst the science, and their understanding of it, has been evolving but I think they’ve been too slow to act in some ways, and too quick to put out pre-mature statements in other ways.

They haven’t exactly helped make the decisions easy for anyone.

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Well, it seems that our government wanted to promote the Pfizer second dose as they don’t have enough AZ vaccines for all those who got the first one (around 5 million of citizens). Besides, the contract with Oxford won’t be renewed.

We were told it was good science to wait 16 weeks between first and second doses. This happened when the vaccine supply was short and they felt it was better to have more people vaccinated with the first shot.

Lo and behold, suddenly the vaccine supply is in greater supply and now we’re being told that’s it’s better to get the 2nd shot asap, now within 8 weeks of the first one.

It’s statements like this that sow doubt about what we’re supposed to believe. However, I’m just grateful to get my 2nd shot very soon.

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First clue as to false statements … Fox News!

As for the post above, I haven’t been able to find any reputable news source proving it accurate or not. All the “sources” are suspect.

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According to this …

The man who wrote that email concluded that the virus developed naturally in a scientific journal article in March 2020.

I do agree that an investigation needs to done regarding the origins of Covid 19. I’m just not willing to accept (yet) that somehow it’s Dr. Fauci’s fault.


Oh nevermind. I guess it’s debunked. False alarm

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This has got to be the longest fact check ever. Well there are thousands of emails. One email at a time. He should’ve deleted his emails. Like Hillary

I love the newest conspiracy theory that the vaccine will make your body a magnet. Surely the easiest thing to test.

Mind you, it would be very handy for those days I don’t have pockets. I could just stick my door key to my arm :grin::joy::rofl:

Actually, it would be very handy. No need for a vaccine “passport”. Just have businesses and security attach metal stuff to your arm.


Read their profiles. If you are looking for real facts. Atleast look for journalists who are not biased. The whole staff screams Liberal all the way lol

Covid 19 doesn’t care about your colour, creed, race or political views. It’s an equal opportunity killer.

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Please stay on topic: How Coronavirus is impacting you.


It has been reported that Fauci was associated with funding corona virus research in Wu Han prior to tge pandemic.

I don’t know how reliable those reports are, could just be a smear campaign…

So what if it’s true? Then what? Imagine how many people got charged money to get tested. How much money was made from mask sells? Vaccine creators were paid millions. Businesses were shut down all around the world. Oh yeah and lots of people died from it.

Please see again, topic is how it is impacting you. Not a political football. :wink:

How it is impacting me this week: Although I was told MS is now not required to mask, I was still asked to mask in the doctor’s office today. I wore the butterfly one. :wink:

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For us in the U.K. we have had to extend our COVID restrictions for a further 4 weeks.
That is because of the new Delta variant becoming widespread among “young” people and our community members that refused to sign up for the jab.
Our Government have now said it’s going to be compulsory to have the jab if you work in the health service or care community.
In this country we have now come to understand that multiple variants / mutations of this virus will appear and that the world will have to live with it as best we can.
People will continue to get COVID over the years, the majority of those who accept the jab will survive.
Sadly those with no protection will become unwell, some will become very poorly and require hospitalisation and some in intensive care units will pass away.
For the love of all things good, my wish is that people stop spreading untruths, stop spreading conspiracy theories and just take the vaccination and any subsequent annual booster if and when you can.


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