How is Coronavirus impacting you

Glad it wasn’t serious and hope there are no long-term effects.


I wonder if all the people in those holding facilities like the one in Donna, Texas are getting vaccinated or even tested before they are released. The social distancing is pretty bad in those facilities.

Untested and unvaxxed peoples are still coming into the country of the USA. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are seeing more and more people come in. Awesome politicians

No worries, there are unvaxxed people right in this very thread! raises hand

(Don’t worry, I’ll stand at a distance, and I have a cat mask.) :wink:

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Is there any knowledge of whether cats can get the virus? :thinking:

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I recall there was a tiger in the New York Zoo that caught covid.

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Possible, rare, seems to come from the human, and doesn’t seem super concerning

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@Pike … cats carry a different type of coronavirus. They can be born with it, transmit it to other cats or just be life long carriers.
For the vast majority of cats they shed the coronavirus over a period of three days with very few problems - possibly a little diarrhoea and that’s it.
Unfortunately in cats, the virus can mutate into something called FIP which is usually fatal. This occurs in about 7% of feline coronavirus cases.

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Thanks guys for your answers. So @Rook , please be careful.

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Just a quick COVID update.

I got my first vaccine shot yesterday! :partying_face:

Pfizer vaccine 1 of 2.

Just wanted to let you all know how it went, completely unfiltered unbiased opinions and all.

I got mine through a local grocery store pharmacy, after registering online last weekend. They called me on Tuesday to let me know they had an available appointment. I said okay sure, sign me up.

Went in at my appointment time. Showed them my ID, filled out a quick questionnaire (mostly just to make sure I wasn’t sick or allergic to vaccines in general), then they gave me the shot. It was quick and completely painless.

I kid you not, it was the smallest needle I’ve ever been stabbed with in my life for any medical shot. I almost didn’t even feel it.

That was day one. After the fact, I felt fine. Better than fine, in fact. I felt good. No allergic reactions, no nothing.

A few hours after the shot, my arm started to hurt a little bit. Like a 1 out of 10 on the pain scale. Like the kind of pain you feel after a light weightlifting workout.

That night, I slept mostly okay. Did get a few body aches, tossed and turned a bit, but otherwise okay.

Day 2 now. My arm hurts a bit worse today. Maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10. No body aches though. No fever, no nausea, no exhaustion, no headaches… some slight dehydration, and a tiny little bit of change in my sense of smell, but otherwise? The only noticeable difference is that my arm still hurts. Which was to be expected. And it’s completely bearable, not even worth complaining about.

Will let you all know later if I suffer any severe symptoms. My second shot is scheduled for May 19th, and I’ve heard that the second shot can be much worse than the first, so… we’ll see. :grin:

EDIT / ADDITIONAL: My girlfriend got her first shot on Monday (she got the Moderna vaccine). She is also doing just fine, and reported almost identical results (needle was painless, slight arm pain after the fact, otherwise no big deal).

Don’t fear the needle!


Things are finally relaxing enough here now that I can finally get back out meeting up with family walking again. Couldn’t do it before due to the travel restrictions, but heading out along the water road outside Glasgow again today, and maybe up the whangie in a couple of weeks.

Just need them to allow fans in for the Euro games at hampden this summer and Ayr United next season and all my zen happy places will be back, leading to a much more content, less argumentative Kilted

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We just had a minor outbreak in our plant at work. Shut down now temporarily. I am curious how long that will be. I think government mandates shutdown here as long as there are five or more active cases.

I tested negative, and getting a second follow-up test on Sunday.

One of the positives was already vaccinated (first shot). Be careful out there even if you are vaccinated. It doesn’t make you invincible.


My mom got the second dose a few weeks ago and she had the same pain as with the first dose, but nothing unbereable.

Take care. :hugs:


My husband got Phizer and I got Moderna. We had no reactions to them.

Our case numbers were going up alarmingly and BC shut down non-essential travel and closed restaurant dining until May 25. Our hospitals are getting slammed and we are at near capacity so these measures are to try and protect our healthcare system.

BC has more vaccine demand than supply but it’s supposed to improve in May. We really want a normal summer!


April 28th, 2021 - 1900 hours EST

Filled out paperwork for first Pfizer vaccine shot.

Pharmacist calls my name, I go into the room. He says,

“I see here you checked that you have had an allergic reaction to food and/or insect bites before?”


“So was that from a vaccine?”

“No. But when I was about 3 or 4 years old, I got bit by a spider…”


“And now I’m Spiderman.”


“Okay okay okay, no, just kidding. I did really get bit by a spider though, and my leg swelled up to twice its size.”

“Ah okay. That’s no problem then, there’s no spider venom in the vaccine.”

“Cool, cool.”

Got vaccine shot in upper left shoulder. Felt like nothing. Felt like the pharmacist just tapped my arm with his finger. Pharmacist proceeds to put a band aid on my arm.

“So when are you going to give me the shot?”

“I already gave it to you. You’re all done now.”

“Seriously? Okay, cool. Don’t I have to like wait 15 minutes or something?”

“Oh, well… yeah I guess, you should probably sit down for maybe 5 minutes. If you don’t have an immediate reaction, chances are you’ll be fine.”

I sit there on the bench. Looking around. There’s no clock. I didn’t put on my wrist watch. Left my cell phone in the car. One Mississippi, two Mississippi… has it been a minute yet? I don’t know. Let’s go browse the shelves. Read some product information. Sit back down. Watch other people shop. Glance over at the pharmacy counter. The pharmacist dude is giving me a thumbs up. Okie dokie, I should be fine to leave then. I wave at him and leave the store. Drive home. Feeling good. Better than good.

April 28th, 2021 - 2100 hours EST

What at first felt like nothing is now starting to feel like something. My arm hurts a little bit, as if I had just gotten back from the gym lifting weights, or been punched really hard by a little guy with a tiny fist. Otherwise, I feel fine.

April 29th, 2021 - early morning EST

Sleeping. Tossing and turning a bit. Some muscle pains. No crazy dreams or anything extreme.

April 29th, 2021 - 1100 hours EST

Waking up. Arm hurts a bit more this morning. Like I had been punched really hard several times by a slightly bigger little guy with slightly bigger fists. Got a slight unusual smell in my nose. Like something chemical. Medicinal or metallic. Not really sure.

Otherwise, everything is fine. No headache, no fever, no nausea. Appetite is fine, movement is fine, except that it hurts a little when I lift my left arm. Otherwise, nothing worth mentioning. Perhaps lower energy than normal, but not so much that it was noticeable.

April 29th-30th, 2021 - EST

Slept mostly okay. A little bit of tossing and turning, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

Waking up. My arm hurts less today than it did yesterday. Have a slight headache, probably due to dehydration. Drink lots of water like they told me to.

CURRENT - April 30th, 2021 - 1600 hours EST

45 hours since initial injection.

I feel fine. Arm barely hurts at all anymore, even when I move it aggressively. No fevers, nausea, headaches, tiredness or anything worth mentioning. I am ready for the second shot. Scheduled for May 19th.

Important to note: I believe I might have already been exposed to COVID before getting the vaccine, though without antibody testing, I will never know for sure. They say that those who have already been exposed to the virus will probably experience very few side effects to the vaccine, which may be the case for me.

Just want to say, based on my personal experience with the Pfizer vaccine specifically, it was quick and painless and nothing at all to be frightened of.

To those who think it might be a government conspiracy to inject 5g chips into our bodies, I will let you know if I start emitting a personal Wifi signal or shooting laser beams out of my eyes. :grin:


Thank you so much for sharing your story. Yes I haven’t had my shot yet and I just can’t wait :wink:

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I got the Pfizer shot on Wednesday. My girlfriend got the Moderna shot on Monday. We both reported mostly the same - the shot itself was painless. The next day or two, our arms hurt a bit. But otherwise, side effects were minimal. Barely even noticeable.

Individual results may vary of course. Especially if you’re getting the J&J or AstraZ or some other vaccine, as I have zero personal experience RE: those.

I just know that my girlfriend and I each got our first doses, and we’re both ready and more than willing to take our second. Quick, easy, painless. Will say that I have heard that the second dose can hit a lot harder than the first, and I am prepared for that just in case. But so far, so good. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone, including those with health complications (my girlfriend has multiple health issues that I will not disclose publicly here)…

Unless your personal doctor says “noooo this shot not good for you”… in which case, you should probably listen to your doctor.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Triple edit for those who are afraid of needles. If you are getting the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines? The needle is so microscopically tiny that you will not even feel it. I promise. I’ve gotten several shots before. As a kid, I remember getting shots and people telling me “oh you’ll barely feel it”. I felt those for sure. They hurt.

My Pfizer vaccine shot though? I kid you not. It was less painful than briefly and lightly poking yourself in the arm with a dull pencil. It felt like nothing. I asked the pharmacist, “seriously?” and he said “yeah, it’s only about a 3 millimeter needle”

That’s the kind of needle that an assassin could use to inject you with a deadly poison, without you ever even knowing you had been injected with anything at all.

Someone could bump into me in a line at a restaurant and inject me with the vaccine and I wouldn’t even know I had been stabbed at all. That’s how painless it was.

The guy could have said, “okay, here it comes… one, two… three!”

Could have stabbed me with it on one, and I’d still be waiting for him to say two.

Emphasizing this for effect. Because I know a lot of people are deathly afraid of shots, and will make excuses about how they don’t trust the effects or whatever, mostly because they don’t want to get stabbed in the arm. Obviously nobody wants to get stabbed in the arm on purpose. But this shot was absolutely ridiculously painless. If it wasn’t for the band aid and the little dot on my arm and the pain I felt the next day, I’d almost swear that I never got a shot at all.

It. Was. COMPLETELY. Painless.


Has anyone got their children vaccinated yet?

Here is Ontario vaccines were just recently approved for children 12-17. My children are older than that and my grandchildren are still too young.

On a positive note we have over 65% of people 18 and over with at least one vaccine shot.

I hope all that recent news about Dr. Fauci is not true. Everybody should be paying attention to that man right now

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