How is Coronavirus impacting you

Don’t distort the facts


Thats what I did. Then I posted it lol. It’s blocked. If the data on VAERS is fake or some kind of misinformation, just say it’s fake. Or is it real?

This is touchy subject… One I personally don’t want to get into…
If people want to say there views on it go ahead… If you don’t agree then leave it… Yaah just going to butt heads.
Iv seen a few flags on here before and being its a persons opinion… Not much I can do as it’s there opinion they not personally attacking anyone or breach of fourm rules…
The world is a f up place atm.


Difficult for mods …

I didn’t know VAERS before. In my research, I found this on wikipedia:

“Jim Laidler, an advocate of alternative autism therapies, once reported to VAERS that a vaccine had turned him into The Incredible Hulk. The report was accepted and entered into the database, but the dubious nature thereof prompted a VAERS representative to contact Mr. Laidler, who then gave his consent to delete the report.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, raw VAERS data has often been disseminated by anti-vaccine groups in order to justify misinformation and safety claims related to COVID-19 vaccines, including adverse reactions and fatalities claimed to have been caused by vaccines.”

No comment. But I’m glad I’ll get my booster in about a month.


The whole world has indeed felt the catastrophic impact of the COVID virus …. Sadly millions of people have died as a result of getting this virus
The thread was started by @Natural-Lite who asked “How is Coronavirus impacting you?”…
It appears the thread has gone off topic somewhat…
Perhaps we just need to change the title to…
What are the pros and cons of receiving the COVID vaccination
And with that I will just leave this thread and move on because it no longer makes any sense to me at least .


Currently, I’m more than a little concerned at the daily case numbers from my two neighbouring states. Just before christmas, both state governments dropped a collection of regulations to stop people gathering socially (amongst other things), just as Omicron was gaining a foothold.

With a combined population of ~17 million people, daily infections were running at around 3000-3500 per day. Now it is ~44,000 per day. I just can’t see how it is going to end?

@40.Billion Here is a link to the online search tool. It takes some work to get the hang of. . Pro tip, read the instructions. The database can deliver some nicely refined statistics. :slightly_smiling_face:

And just a link to the Forum rules


VAERS is a system for people to report issues. There is no fact checking and no verification involved. It is not a reliable primary source of information, it is a way for trends to be identified for all vaccines and then independently checked. It’s like voting polls. No elections are ever called based on the poll results.

You can’t cherry pick unverified, unsubstantiated numbers and expect them to mean anything.


It’s become much like “the boards are rigged”. No one is changing their opinion at this point.


So VAERS is not a reliable. Why does it exist?

I’m just trying to help. If anyone wants to dig deeper than CNN and Reuters come to Telegram. Way more information than the typical mainstream stuff.

:us: Eyes wide open - ready to fill others prescription :us:

Telegram: Contact @redpillpharmacist -Channel
Telegram: Contact @redpillpharmacist

Corona Vaccine Side Effects is a channel that informs about the thousands of serious Side effects and deaths from the experimental mRNA Gene Therapy injections.

Telegram? Seriously? Sure … why not Facebook too, or Reddit? 4chan?

VAERS was created to track reported vaccine symptoms to see if there were trends that needed to be independently investigated. It has no statistical control and is absolutely not representative by itself of the vaccines. Its purpose is to collect data much like polls do, to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Trying to use the data from VAERS to show problems with the vaccines shows a lack of understanding of the entire scientific process – and statistical analysis.

But hey, boards are rigged, right?

That right there.

  1. mRNA vaccines have been in various clinical trials for two decades.
  2. mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy. They do not physically transform the host’s cells.

If you want to dig deeper than CNN or Reuters try reading scientific journals and reports.


Science was bought decades ago.

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Like I said,

Without science you would not be playing E&P. Or commenting on this forum. It just amazes me how many people denigrate the source of all they covet.


I genuinely feel that anyone who believes this would believe anything. Or, maybe my paychecks got lost in the mail?

PS. those Telegram links were a mockery. The sole doctor cited is a cardiologist who has zero experience in immunology. The moment I read “unethical… genocide… population control…”, I was done.


Okay you guys win. I was just kidding.

I haven’t even been infected but I think it is making my brain bleed via indirect exposure. Today’s classic from the interwebs: “Why is Covid conveniently targeting anti vaxxers?” And yes, they were American. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Hi all! Just wanted to report that the post-covid hair loss seems to have quickly slowed (ha!) and although tired, I’m not sick.

Hope everyone else is having a great day. hugs

P.S. Just because we agree with someone doesn’t make them right, and just because we disagree doesn’t make them wrong. We have lots of information to share to help each other figure out this covid thing, if we can share with mutual respect. :black_cat:

P.P.S. All of the Covid commercials led me to believe that the shot(s) would protect others from catching Covid from me and vice versa. That it was my responsibility to get the shot so I wouldn’t transmit. This is the only thing that makes sense of the mandate in the US (otherwise our government is mandating us to get a shot solely for our own good, and not to prevent transmission…which of course makes no sense). Interesting that the mandate was recently struck down. :thinking:


Congrats on your anti-bodies Rook!

Dr. Robert Malone has many patents involving MRNA tech. He has some interesting things to say on the topic.

I got Moderna, and didn’t die.
I got exposed and didn’t get sick.
Score 1 point for the vaccine.

However, I had a head cold a month ago. Tested negative, not Covid.
My head was super congested, and it lasted an abnormally long time. For a month I couldn’t breathe. I’m concerned that I reprogrammed my immune system to fight Covid, and then it didn’t bother to fight anything else. That cold kicked my butt…

My neighbor got the second shot and dropped dead of cancer 2 weeks later. The cancer took off like a rocket.

I won’t be getting the booster.
I don’t want long term exposure to something that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted.

My brother signed up for an experiment once. A stem-cell treatment for Type I diabetes. Before taking part he was told ALL the risks. His skin would stink and fall off. He could grow cysts on organs. ■■■■ leakage. There was a long list.
But they had a high success rate of curing Type I. It was a difficult decision for him. But this is called:
Informed Consent

What are the risks for tampering with MRNA? Do they know yet? Are they even tracking data? Nope, die with Covid and you die of it…

Meanwhile politicians are millionaires. Where do they get all these millions of dollars from?

Get vaxxed
Don’t get it,
Should be your choice.
Forcing anyone, against their will, to inject something untested into their bodies should be criminal.
I hope and pray that a common cold doesn’t wind up killing more people than Covid because we tinkered while those in charge got filthy rich.


Very interesting indeed. It made it to the Supreme Court. Everybody I know is sick. Vaxxed and Unvaxxed. I wonder why

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Yeah, I don’t know the answer to that. I heard yesterday that a beloved person at a friend’s church had suddenly died. I am very very bummed. Her nickname was Bee, and she was like a bee, flying this way and that distributing hugs. I will miss her. :sob:

It’s funny you can’t see the difference. Subtract your flu deaths from the COVID-19 deaths for a year and see how tiny what you are talking about compares. Then look the long term terrible side effects Covid is causing so many and the tiny side effects the flue leaves behind. Or that if we took proper precautions this would all be minor yet politics changed this from being about saving life to trying to keep the economy looking good instead of saving it long term.

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