How is buster so strong?

He’s so good, I see him being used in epic teams for gargoyles, and he’s not even in a red mono most the time. Why is that so?

it’s the effect of his special, increasing damage that enemies receive. It functions similarly to Franz’s special.

the received damage increases based on number of fire shields on the board too, so he can arguably be more useful outside of a red mono :slight_smile:


I figured something was up when he has the same type of skill as sudri but the wording is different. Will probably seek for him in the red CoE


yeah, I had to read it a couple of times too, to fully understand the special :slight_smile: (was speed reading the first time lol)

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And this also means the stoneskin is useless against him. I don’t usually collect 3*s so unfortunately I fed away all the busters I had. Had I known he’s this powerful I would have kept at least 2 of them and replace my namahages. But oh well

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I have kept 3 of him, and just fed away the 4th one, but I still havenot leveled any of them due to another projects…

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You can save a lot of time for epic using him since he’s cheap to train. He’s a nice hero to have now but I wouldn’t go all out to chase him.

I only got one. Sadly I don’t want able to max him in time for the last challenge event - I had someone Else in queue who was almost done. But I’m eager to try him out next event

With Buster’s release I definitely noticed this last event become a bit more competitive, found it a bit harder to stay in my desired tiers

Hope you get one too!

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It’s no longer fun anymore to play events. You literally have to brute force your way just to even pass the stages. And I’m too lazy to learn the ‘proper’ brute force techniques to pass them

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agree, I am enjoying them less and less. it also becomes really tough to get that few thousand points more needed to be “safe” in my chosen tiers, because so much depends on getting a good starting board with enough good tiles.

Epic especially is toughest for me, as I lack Wilbur (have to rely on C-Gunnar for shared damage on enemies). I still manage, but I dislike the stress of checking if my score will hold, and if I need to retry.

hopefully Buster eases that process for me…


Same, epic is always the hardest, legendary is the easiest while rare is borderline easy


Yes, Epic is the hardest, and I tried to get into top5k only.
It took 2-3 flasks to reach it.

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He’s in my 5* red event team too, I have kept 3, 2 leveled with emblems and lb. I’ll max the third before green mt comes, I have a doubt that he’s better than Franz for it :muscle::muscle:

Usually people would use Franz (or even Hammertusk), but the gargoyles reflect green, so Franz doesn´t work. Buster is the only non-green hero with this special and therefore he is used in this particular event.

He will be used in the future for mono red where that is advantageous.
Of course he could also be in the blue “mono” for 3stars turning it 4-1. Depends on how difficult the levels are. Mono is much easier to play and if it is enough to kill all bosses in 1 shot there is no need to complicate things with Buster. But if the bosses cannot be killed in 1special by everybody, Buster will be used to make it happen again.

I had two and debated keeping the second. I decided I would only use the second in depth Mythic Titan hits and I figured I have enough red projects and didn’t feel the extra roster space was warranted.

One is definitely great to have. He’s on my titan team. I don’t feel the need to have a second.

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I have kept 3 as it is easier to keep 2 extra than getting 1 more, especially as the portal will not be available in the next about 330 days.
I will re-evaulate his usefullness one 1 is fully leveled and emblemed, and decide the fate of the others.

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I maxed 1 and kept a second one at 1/1 for now, will see how often I miss having a second one fully levelled etc…

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agree… my desired Epic tier is top5k, which is super narrow.

for Legendary I only aim for top 10k anyway, so I always find it the easiest too

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Yes, that was the easiest for me.
I have just finished it, and I was enough to get in top 6k at the end with 0 stage replays.

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Well, for me, epic is the easiest cause there are most hero options for 4*