How is Azlar Better than Quintos?

A lot of people say Azlar is better than Quintos. Based on my calculations below, it’s quite the opposite

Quintos damage to all: 747 x 2.70 = 2,016
Azlar damage to all : 793 x 2.05 = 1,625+360=1,985

Quintos Armor & life: 636 1,380
Azlars Armor & life : 607 1,322

It’s not all about offense.

Both are slow yet Azlar is considered better.

Direct damage is mitigated by armor, through a complex formula. Higher base damage means better armor penetration, which scales damage non-linearly. Azlar has a 6% higher base damage, so he penetrates armor better. Also, DOTs always do the damage amount they specify instead of being mitigated by armor.

So against a high armor team, Azlar will always do more damage than Quintus.


Azlar has the 360 DOT, which is really big.


His dot can also be cleansed right away.

Or not and you get burned

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There are not many healers that remove ailments from your heroes. Among regular 4* heroes only Rigard can do that.


This is the reason I never leave home without Rigard.


So do I, except for rare occasions when dispelling enemies is more important than removing ailments from allies.

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I don’t worry about those too much to be honest anymore.

I don’t mess with Rigard, I’ll bring say Melendor and BT and just heal it away. It is a pain to have Rigard ready when Azlar fires. From my experience, debuffing the enemy is way more useful.

Ofcourse the best plan is to just kill Azlar.

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My second priority in a fight.

Edit: Unless his the tank! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Try to pull Kage and don’t worry any more about Quintos :wink:

Unwritten rule n4: the best counter for a premium hero’s effect are others premium heroes’ effects
(Zeline for dispels)


This looks photoshopped to me. I dunno why.

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Though rumor says both Azlar and Quintus get passive abilities related to physical damage/ shield/ board matching, but one ability increases DOT ( Azlar ) and one slows enemy mana generation ( Quintus ). If the rumors are true when classes go live, you might use Azlar versus high armor and Quintus versus very fast mana.

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So Quintus gets a Mana dampening aura? That’s going to be brutal on fast strikers.

Quintus is garbage. End of the story.

@H0fm4nN Please don’t hold back…share your feelings you will feel better.

Huh? Quintus has the ability to slow enemy mana?

They are saying he may have that ability once the class system is released. Apparently decreasing mana generation is one of the new “special skills” you can add to his hero class via the soon to be released training trees. All is still in beta testing so don’t bank too much on it until everything is released though.


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