How is AI working on defence? Should we be expecting any changes in the future?

Just curious if there was any discussion on this in the past. Are there any patters in AI behavior in defence or is it completely random? To me it looks like that AI is completely random. Sometimes AI is targeting weak color, sometimes particular hero, sometimes the charged hero.

Do you think that it would be good to make the AI smarter? For example: firstly to attack charged heroes, then weak color etc.

Your thoughts on this?

It is completely random, except that it always shoots off special abilities from left to right when they are charged up.

There are certainly a lot of small changes that could be made to make the AI better without a lot of effort on the part of the coders. On the other hand, I’m not sure if I would want to have to totally re-learn how to successfully raid/beat levels… If the AI always picked off my weak character right as I was about to heal him, that would get depressing pretty quickly.

You must be right about completely random. My experience may be very bad with such feature, because AI chooses to kill my healers first than any other hero during raids and war, but the same behavior is not a pattern against titans, events and quests. I believe that the computer does exactly what the inputs planned to do. I really do not have data to prove anything, but the extermination of healers is something very recent that many players are not yet aware of.

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