How in-game dialogues can be made interesting

Let’s face it, the largely missing story content on Season 1 and there being no way to revisit the scenes made the story largely forgetful. Season 2 seemed to introduce more than just the regulars on the player’s side, but the lack of a gallery feature made it so that you essentially have to have a very good memory of what transpired as you advance in the story. Unless of course, they were recorded by video capture or the dialogues recorded.

So how to make it interesting is to come up with dialogues / stories of the moment. Again, the story has gotten slightly better in S2, but still largely missing good content. But after going through Province 12 the first time where the heroes meet Mitsuko and Kageburado (kept wanting to call him Shadow Brother, because Kage is ‘Shadow’ in Japanese and Burado, though probably ‘blood’ sounds, like how a toddler would pronounce ‘brother’) for the first time.

Keep in mind the below is not what was actually used in the game.

Mitsuko: Hmph, you are no ordinary travelers!
Richard: That’s right! We are heroes of righteous good and justice in protection of Princess Ariel of Atlantis!
Mitsuko: Wrong answer! My lords will see that you do not succeed.
Ariel: What!? But Atlantis has always been peaceful with the Kingdom of Yama.
Kageburado: Your lives end here, we will kill you five times before you hit the ground!
Richard Um, hello?
Vivica: Might I suggest that in the future Lord Richard do not openly state our intentions to everyone we meet before knowing who they are?
Elena: Pfft, if there is a future.
Misandra: Life was much simpler when I am at sea.
Tarlak: Why am I here again?


As I recall it, our travellers are required to surrender their weapons and pay customs at the border, upon which Richard IMMEDIATELY declares war!



Post Province 22 (Nysa)

Ariel: We must journey within the depths of ocean to reach the throne room and dispel whoever is controlling my father!
Richard: So you are telling me, that our plan is to burst into the throne room, deep within Atlantis, smash some heads of whoever we see there? I like it! Where do I start bashing?
Ariel: whispers Lady Vivica, is Sir Richard always like this?
Vivica: Not lately, your highness. I think it had something to do with some of those local food items he’s been eating on his own since coming on this journey.
Misandra: Tarlak! Have you been sneaking in wildlife caught from the swamps again?
Tarlak: Hey! Wilbur is an excellent fisherman and a great cook! Unless… Mr. Richard there ate something given to him from Gato…. Ohhhh…. I can see what’s happening here…
Richard: Hahahaha, Cloud Hammer Smash!