How important is the Rotation of Trials? - newbie here

Not very. It’s nice to know, but there’s little to nothing that you can or should do based on the schedule.

The only prep to make generally is to think about what classes are under-represented in your roster. Plugging holes through selective leveling is a good strategy. For example, Sabina is unique as a sorcerer-healer and is your only healer option for the Trials of Shadows.


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For first, they aren’t much important to a newbie, as they’re hard to get through. But you should try!
You should have some almost levelled 3* heroes of the allowed classes for every trial, to clear the first stage of the trial to earn the emblems provided for the win. It’s just 4 World energy, so you haven’t much to loose.
Also every trial stage (there are three of them) is locked by a minimum level requirement of the player. As i remember, they are for levels 10, 20 and the last stage of every trial is opened at 30.


Thank you for the info. Well appreciated.

Thank you for the tip! Well appreciated.

At 1st I just finishing stage 1 and stage 2, while work leveling priority is still on best/good heroes based on color… after that, bring at least *4 to 3.60 for class that does not complete in our roster for Trial.


Thank you for the tip… Well appreciated.

Well As we do NOT know how new you as a newbie are I would say do NOT waste you energy flags on the trials at all, they will be WAY better spent playing the world map and or farming.

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They are a lot of fun. Very hard to complete even easy at an early level. Once you amass heros, some will be a breeze. For example, I’m level 36 but still only have one Wizard, Balthazar. So when a wizard is one of the trails, I’ll be able to do easy and that’s about it. If you try them now, the extra emblems will pay off when you finally have strong heroes to power up.

Good luck!


most of the trials can be beaten with maxed 4s or 3/70 5s. but it depends a lot on which ones you have (what skills etc).

I have no 5* Wizards, Sorcerors or Fighters. But I do have Proteus, Kiril and Sabina. so trials involving their classes, I can beat the last levels easily with Proteus’ mana block, Kiril’s buffs and Kiril + Sabina healing

yet I can’t do the same for Trials or Strength (Fighter / Barbarian) because I only have Gormek and Lancelot. I will try again after I also max Boldtusk and Grimm, the healing / attack buff will help. an i’ll be more confident about taking Elena down.

on the other hand, I can do the Fighter + Wizard trial with Lance, Proteus and Kiril plus two 3*s. again, having the mana block + buff * heals helps a lot


Thank you all for the big help. Points are taken. I just started last week of June and still need to learn more… rgrds to everyone!

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At least you have found the RIGHT place to get helpful ideas and thoughts

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@sleepyhead Boldtusk is MVP for the trials of strength mainly because he is the lone healer in the fighter class and as far as I know, all barbarians do not have healing abilities.


@Aunty_Krauser I agree, that’s why I decided to wait until I max Boldtusk before trying the last stage of Trials of Strength. I’m also thinking about how to take out Elena before she uses her skill; that riposte damage is nasty and I don’t think any Barbarians or Fighters are dispellers. At least, none of the ones I have!

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You also have Delilah as a second healer in the fighter class, but she is much more rare than Boldtusk. There is one dispeller in the Barbarian class, Kageburado, but he is probably also relatively rare still. Without them it can be tough, especially if you forget those antidotes for the DoT from Nashgar and Azlar


thanks for reminding me of Delilah and Kage, @jonhol! alas I have neither!

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