How important is the rainbow?

Hey guys,

due to a lucky training this morning I got Rigard out of a TC13. Now I have a long awaited 4-Star Healer… but up to now I don’t have any 4*+ Heroes in red.

Actual my Overall Team is Hawkmoon - Hu Tao - Cyprian - Horghall - Sonya
Levels are 3-50+3, 3-60, 4-30, 2-60 and 4-70+3

For later I want to swap Hu Tao with Chao in offense and replace Horghall with Caedmon. But both are not as high in level to swap them directly.

I have every red 3*… But in PVE, Titan and so on Hawkmoon is simply way to fragile.

Because I “wasted” my trap tools on Cyprian (now I got 2 left and hope for 2 more for Rigard) I can’t replace Cyprian soon.

But what you think about swapping Hawkmoon with Rigard? Does the missing red hero really hurt that much? I would rather have a team consisting all of 4 star-heroes instead of having all colors, but thats only my newbie opinion.

What do you think?

Edit: My idea would be the defense team of Rigard - Hu Tao - Sonya - Cyprian - Caedmon, because I think the risk of the enemy doubling colors against purple would be high so I wouldn’t want Cyprian in the center later. teams can be excellent(for attacking). The tiles of the double colour do extra damage and with practice you can learn to use this very effectively. Full colour stacking will always be a gamble, but mild colour stacking + some game experience is a very effective stratagy :slight_smile:

For defence teams rainbow is the ideal BUT how leveled heroes are and what skills/mana speed they have takes priority

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I played for over a year without a purple. I just couldn’t get one! I built my team to 3500 without one and did just fine.

I agree with DBC. Although I am new to this game. I had a better chance when I had one double then when I changed it. But then again, it is your team and your game. I say go with your gut and play the game the way you want to.

Good luck:-)

Forget about rainbow, it will get you nowhere fast… the enemy will stack colors against you no matter if you have a rainbow defense or not. Just avoid placing same color heroes next to each other…
About Cyprian… If you will learn how to use him you will realise you did not waste your trap tools. Even if he is not the 4* greatest tank, being subject to dispell, on offense things are different. He will take out any 5* AOE hitter who casts against riposte. Just keep him in the middle of your attack team and pair him with a purple healer as wing… you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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also of note 4 stars st 3/60 are almost always more powerful than max 3s. So a rigard at 3/60 should be significantly better than hawkmoon.

How important is the rainbow?

As a pot filled with gold

But if your missing color hero isn’t strong enough don’t worry and put your best heroes.
You did well by not putting a doubled color tank but I would use them in this order:


Not to mention his more powerful special that can be fully used at 3/60.


Cyprian is an awesome attacking hero ( see Notes )

I wish I had Cyprian, but he is the only Classic 4* hero that I do not have.


It is hard to give advice you on your defense, without knowing the rest of your roster.

I am a big fan of 1x rainbow 3* 3.50 team and rainbow 1x 4* 3.60 team. But depending on RNG you can use 2x rainbow 3* 3.50 team instead ( see notes )

Hero XP and deep bench

I am also a big fan of getting 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 before spending any 3* ascension items to get a rainbow 4* 4.70 team ( see Notes ).

Multiple rainbow 3* 3.50 / 4* 3.60 teams are cheap, versatile and useful for color stacking - Empire’s hidden buff.


Click for Notes

Deep bench


Cyprian is a very powerful hero, but a tough hero to learn how to use ( see notes )

I am also a big fan of getting a good rainbow 4* 3.60 team before leveling any hero to 4* 4.1 ( see notes )


purple 4* hero order and reasoning
How to level your first 4* team
Breaking Empires with purple 4* heroes
Other useful links

[Guide] “Rage Quit and back again” or How I learned to stop worrying (about 5* s) and Love the 4* s ( told in links )[ 1- 16 months, Manual, Road map]



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