How important is a healer for end game raiding?

Back for some more advice as I’ve been pushing into Platinum recently and hoping to make the push into Diamond as I keep filling out my roster of 5*.

I’ve been theorycrafting a bit with my roster and so far RNG hasn’t blessed me with a 5* healer. I’ve gotten Khiona, Zimkitha, Santa Claus, Magni, and Evelyn, but no true healer. I feel like those are some pretty solid 5* overall, and have the making of a good lineup. Something like Zimkitha - Khiona - Santa Claus - Magni - Evelyn.

Since getting enough rings for both Zim and Santa Claus will be quite tricky, in the meantime I’d probably do something like: Zimkitha - Khiona - Buddy - Magni - Evelyn. My assumption is that Zimkitha is a better use for rings since she’s a bit more solid all around, with Santa mainly excelling as a defense tank.

So my question is, will setups like this that don’t have a true healer leave me hurting in the late Platinum / early Diamond ranks? Is it better to take a full team of levelled 5* heroes, even if I don’t have a healer in the mix, or should I bring in a 4* healer to the defense team until I’m lucky enough to pull a 5* healer?

For reference, here’s my full roster:

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Needing an all 5* team to compete is not needed at all. I have 4 5* and Rigard for defense and 3 5*, Rigard and Wilbur on my main attacking team right now.

The key is having team synergy.

Santa is a defensive tank imo and I tried to get him but haven’t been successful so I am kind of jealous. I don’t have any sort of tank at all. Put out the best defensive team you can as it doesn’t matter much you will lose cups and gain cups. No defensive team will hold all the time.

In my honest opinion you have way to much leveling going on with your roster. Pick one from each color and take them as high as you can even if something better comes along. I learned this early on as having a lot of partially leveled heros doesn’t help anyone. Especially not for wars. 5* are great but if you don’t have the mats to finish them could also hurt as some don’t perform well at 3-70. In most cases a 4* at 4-70 will be better.

My levelling strat is to focus on one of each color for the XP bonus, until they get to the final ascension. Once that happens I start feeding 1* to a new Hero, and only do 2* for the final push to conserve food. My focus right now is on Buddy, Wilbur, Triton, Gretel, and Sabina (waiting on final two tabards for Khiona). In general I try to only have one going at a time, unless I’m feeding the 1*s to a different hero due to where I’m at in the ascension process.

Appreciate the advice! I do really like Santa, but can’t help feeling like Zim might be more versatile. Decisions, decisions.


That makes sense. I never did it that way. Less confusing for me haha.

Yes I do agree Zim is more versatile. It really depends what you want. To be honest Santa as a tank and Zim at 70 would be ok. Use Wilbur for raid offense with Khiona and a couple snipers. That is a good time.

My raid offense: Wilbur Joon Khiona Lianna Rigard (this is fun)

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