How I win Raids and fill Hero chests

How I win raids in 2 easy steps:

  1. Find a team that is at least 300 points weaker than mine. This may require 20-30K in food for re-rolls, but it is certainly doable.
  2. Make sure I have at least one combo of 6-8 in the first 3 moves. Just to be sure, I try to have 2 combos of 8+ in the first 5 moves. This should at least kill the opponent’s tank and do moderate damage to one support member.

If I cannot accomplish the above steps, I die. Every time.

How I fill hero chests:

  1. Wait for my Raid energy to become full.
  2. Initiate all 6 raids
  3. Win 1 of the 6, kill 1-2 heroes in 3 of the 6, get completely routed in 2 of the 6.
  4. Wait 6 hours, then repeat.
  5. After 24 hours, collect my coveted hardwood lumber, and if I’m lucky, fine steel as well.

While this is sarcastic, it’s certainly completely true. Not that I ever really liked raiding, but a couple months ago I was around a 3/6 win rate. Now I’m at 1/6 and it’s more of a chore than enjoyable. I guess I don’t have to love every aspect of the game. Titans, rare quests, and the monthly events are certainly holding my interests for the moment. I’m not going to complain, demand a change, or threaten to rage-quit. Such things will never work anyway. I’m simply saying that raiding used to be at least tolerable, but now it’s more like daily work to increase my chances of an elemental chest in that spot.

Here’s how to optimize winning raids:

Put up a crappy defense team, when you’re offline people attack you and your cups drop to zero
When you log in, you attack people up to 280 cups with your much stronger team

Easy raid wins, easy chests. Cups don’t matter. Even with this new alliance wars. In fact, it’s even better now with alliance wars as seen by the alliance we just got matched with today. Most of us are hundreds of points higher in strength than they are.


You know you can always lower your trophy scores to make the raiding easier…

Well with the tiers now just drop your trophy about 80~100 less than your tier target (i.e. ~1700 if you aim for platinum)

The big if being you don’t care what cup tier you are in.

2 weeks ago I was near 2100 cups. I have been really trying to win when I have a chest to fill, then purposely losing when I don’t have a chest. I’m down to 1850 or so with that method. I will likely do as suggested and try to get even lower than that. I can do without the normal summon token and occasional 1* trainer hero that seems to be the only difference at that 1800 level. Where I’m at, no one ever raids me out of the blue. Ever. It’s revenge hits only.

Decide if you want to compete in the higher tiers. If you do, keep slugging and try to get better heros to beat your current bracket meta.

If you dont, and just want to fill your chest regularly ans farm hammies then drop cups.

Set weaker heros as defence and log out for the workday and night. You will get raided. For 100% garanteed gosh darn sure. (Cant swear here)

Then just enjoy some relaxing steamrolling :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice. I really do want to compete in the higher tiers, but I guess that’s not realistic for me. I would think that a fully maxed 4* team with 3 more on the bench would be enough to keep me above 1800 without too much struggle, but that’s just not true (anymore). I’m working up a couple 5*, but they are only marginally better than what I have in place. If the loot at higher levels was something really valuable, I’d tough it out, but a regular summon coin and a 1* trainer hero are not worth having a miserable experience with the game 1/3 of the time.

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Yeah, with alliance wars sandbag putting a much lower defence is still much effective for tankers.
This way you don’t receive a diamond loot, but win for sure the better war loot.

If diamonds rewards are still very RNG (and i think it is, cause in the last 10 chest there wasn’t nothing) i don’t know if it’s worth to keep my cups higher.

This is the first time i’m saying it, but diamond absolutely need a pump to make AW works.

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