How I learned to stop worrying and love E&P as my second job

I originally wrote this as an ad in the alliance recruitment forum to promote my alliance - Brutal Relax. Well that didn’t go very far)) Instead of wasting away in the valley of countless lost alliance ads, lets see if we find a creative outlet and continuity for this little parody. Anyone, feel free to add to the list, I’ll start.

Disclaimer: No offense is meant to actual alliances that are referenced! You guys rock and are an inspiration to the game!
… Lianna shoots and the enemy’s Gravemaker goes poof!

Ah, you see a combo! You move the red tile and form a green diamond. Tap, and a hail of green tiles start dropping on the opponent. One by one, their heroes disappear from the stage. Victory! Opponent was obliterated.That was brutal.

A couple of days go by. Busy day in the office. Wild party. You’re on vacation. Back to work… TGIF, time for some Empires & Puzzles!

WTF?!?? Where is my alliance?

What do you mean I’ve been kicked from “Titan Killaz”?? I’ve been with them for ages. Alright, I’ll just join another one. Hmm, which one to join? Let’s see who is recruiting…

  • Been kicked out of your alliance for missing hits on that tempestuous titan?
  • Scolded by your peeps for not using war flags one too many times?
  • Patronized on which heroes to level?
  • Demoted for being inactive for a couple of days?
  • Forced to use a tank that sank?
  • Told to attack the war team at 3 am ?

Feeling like playing Empires and Puzzles is your second job? Fret no more! Browse the list of our alliances below and pick the one that suits you! Maybe one of them will catch your eye!

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Hmm… Seven Days and you’re Deported

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What… I just got here! Alright, who else…

Aggressive Elders II

That one is too much drama. Let’s see who else is recruiting…

Play till Blazin’ Dawn!

Hmm, I’ve got school tomorrow, next!

“Are you high?” … sounds like a fun alliance! Is that a training alliance? Could have sworn that I‘ve seen their brother alliance before. It was called … “Crystal Backyard“… no… “Crystal Alley“… no…

ah, now I remember! “Crystal Meth“ it was.

Nah, not going to joining this one, I’ve got work tomorrow! What else is there?

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That last is actually a sweet group. :grin:

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