How I improved my war score

Exactly. With the teams I have I know roughly how much damage they can take, how much damage they can do, how much healing will counter Liz and how much will be left over. Most importantly, I know exactly how many tiles I need to make events happen - which is not as straightforward as it sounds as I have to count the number of minions that Grimble will take out and that determines whether I hold his skill or fire. Of course a rogue sorceror talent can skulttle all of that, but for the most part the calculations are reliable

thank you for this most refreshing conversation. I am sure your post will inspire more players :slightly_smiling_face: excellent addition to the Forum

Thank you!!!

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You are definitely one of the most inspirative players out here in the world of E&P. Always have good opinions on things regarding anything about this game. Though I quit competing in top 100 since new year 2021 pretty much, you definitely have great opinions for not-a-big-spender players to become a relevant top 100 alliance player, if they want to become one. Of course your opinions are relevant for any player in general, not just for the top competitors.
Well, tbh, there probably are many other inspirative E&P players out there, but I don’t watch any E&P youtubers.

I’m former c2p (though fully f2p since march) and had a blast in top 100, till I enjoyed it, but the recent (well, not that recent anymore) power creep and struggle in wars, made me quit competing on top and I don’t want to ever come back to top honestly, just had enough of it.

I think my war average in last top 100 alliance was about 215-220 points, so not even close to your almost 250 points in average. But I also used mono and 4-1 in wars despite being a 3-2 player in general. And yes, using mono in wars always seemed like a gamble to me, no matter what, it didn’t feel like it was about any skill at all. I also only used 2 healers in my 2 4-1 (4 red + Rigard) teams, which were at that time my most successful teams against then very prevalent green tanks. Then 1 healer in other mono teams that sometimes lost, sometimes won, pretty much… Like I said, it felt like a gamble.


Thank you, appreciate it!

I understand your perspective. Personally I don’t think older heroes become obsolete at anywhere near the pace that some people claim, and so I do not feel I am struggling with my roster (good in absolute terms, on the weaker side at the top 100 level). My most critical hero is probably C Mel - he obviously can’t win on his own but conversely if I lose him early vs a team with 1 or 2 buffers then I am often in trouble. Plus he counters all of the defense down heroes. I definitely don’t think you need all the new super heroes to be competitive, although I am sad that I didn’t get squid face as he would make a good core for some super fun and effective teams.

If you ever feel like you want to check out a top 100 alliance that is far more chilled out than most of the others then hit me up.

I agree. I ran a mono team last 2 wars and managed to come back from starting boards with 2 and 3 tiles, and I did it because I played the best possible moves I could - and I got a bit lucky. Often you don’t get lucky. You have far less control of your destiny with mono. With the other styles I definitely lose, but with each loss I can almost always trace back the loss to hero selection, special timings or tile play - very rarely do I say I lost because of the board and that the game was unwinnable.

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It’s a really very low possibility for me to come back to top 100, but if I’ll ever consider to do so, I might hit you up then.

I never emblemed my 2x C Mels, but to be really honest, I’m thinking about it now, as I’m pretty much changing my war gameplay to - 4-1, 3-2, 3-1-1 teams mostly right now, with 2 off-color healers in each team. I’m loving C Sabina which I have 1 maxed and emblemed so C Mel or 2 might be a solid addition. I do have a few 5* healers, but 0 yellow 4* healers unfortunately (no Gullin, Woolerton or D’Andre) only 1 Vivica and I never got a dupe of her. I scored Alexandrine this month and I like her a lot and then I have 3 purple pseudo healers - Aeron, Marie-Therese and Zulag, which I’m also trying to fit into these teams. I also got 1 Kiril no C and dupe with no emblems, 2x C Bold, 2x C Rigard, Brynhild as emblemed 4* healers I use oftten in wars.

That’s an interesting opinion. I unfortunately haven’t scored any seasonal or S3/S4 5* (haven’t really done many pulls on S4 though, like 2-3 I think). Got 3 S2 5*, 3 monthly event 5*, 3 S1 5* costumes, and 12 different hotms (6 of them I got only last 9 months) + 1 dupe hotm. I think that’s all my special 5* heroes.

Don’t lose


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