How I have beat pirate's legendary using only one 5*

before you say any negativity:

  • I recorded it for a friend to see and I thought it might be a good idea to share with you because I like to make friends here and share content about the game, only.
  • I KNOW THE TIME was bad and that may not be the best strategy. I know, but that’s the way I have played it. All i wanted was the token and the leveling item
  • the chosen heroes may not be the most recommended, but they are the heroes I have. I do not buy gems. Just the VIP pass once in a while. So, my heroes are limited.

Hope you like it! x


Nice! Thanks for sharing this.


Yay! Glad u liked thank u

I did beat it as well using 4 star mostly. Mine were Wilbur - Kashrek - Magni - Proteus - Wu Kong. All maxed. Would probably swap Kash for Kiril if he was finished.

Finished all the levels at 1st attempt with the exception of last where the bosses took me twice. Helped myself with gem revival, still worth this unfarmable loot.

Thats nice! I did them all with first try and I give the credits to Boril! Since the bosses killed thenselves because of Perfect Riposte and Lady’s special skill was useless against my antidotes. Wilbur sounds cool but i dont got him. From atlantis all I got was GilRa and Mok-Arr


Does this count? I beat it with only two 5* but one was 3.70. Scarlett-Gravemaker-Bildtusk-Elena-Gormeck. Elena is 3.70. If I had Wilbur maxed, he would have replaced her.

Looks pretty familiar. Mine was Zim at 2/60, BT, Gormek, Falcon and Wu. My Wilbur just hit 3/22, so he’s closing in on a roster spot.

Just finished it too with Kiril, Wu Kong, Wilbur, Scarlett and Sabina :wink:


I used Kiril, Grimm, Vivica, Wu, and Kellie.
Wu always my life saver for events but vivica ascended and the little green bottles=win!

of course it counts omg congrats!!! that is a massive red team

congratiiesss!!! :tada::sparkles: i wonder how was scarlett behavior? if I pull her i’d just ignore her since her stats are… meh

kiril + grimm is a massive damage combo I can’t wait to pull grimm. Been waiting for him forever. Congrats on the completion!!!

Isk how deep your bench is, but scarlett attack stat is higher than a lot of 5* she is squishy but can put in some work on titans and her atk debuff is nice there too. Used her alot but switched to Kellie for events.

I was able to beat legendary with Grimm, BT, Rigard, Wu, and Caedmon. Very doable with bombs and axes. Although you gotta take out Lady Locke first and be fully charged going into last fight.

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Congrats on your completion! Those mats are always nice little gifts to get :blush:

Completed this one with two 3/70s and three 3/60s (this time without any mana controllers either)

All of these events are possible to complete without maxed heroes. 2/60 - 3/70 5* heroes can do it in advanced, and so can 3/60 4* in both intermediate and advanced. Even 3* who aren’t in their last tier can do beginner (as long as you have a couple who are at least 3/10). The right items on the last stages are key, but even then it doesn’t require a lot.

You should never be put off by any event/quest with unfarmable mats. Even if you don’t have 4T heroes, they should still be doable. Bring in dragon attacks, bombs, axes and/or arrows, and you’re good to go. Shouldn’t even need the 75 gems to continue, but if you don’t make it, switch something up and give it another go. Mats are always worth it :blush:

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Very nice! This is the team I beat legendary with…


Also managed to clear Legendary with only a single 5*. Took some time, attention, and patience. Really needed the gloves for Grimm. Farholme should be next, so another pair of gloves!

Zim (3/66), Grimm (3/60), Colen (3/60), Kash (4/70), and Wu Kong (4/62). Had to leave Proteus on the bench.
Would not have been possible without Wu.

I did have to resurrect, but finished 2 moves later.

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Nice. I was able to win with all 4*. My Green Cream Team: Melendor, Gobbler, Little John, BT and Grimm. All 3 have attack over 700.

Great job dude. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for posting. I wasn’t going to attempt to finish it but after seeing all of your good results I did.
And I needed those gloves :slight_smile:

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