How i can save game progress?

I want to buy a new phone. Do i have to start from the beginning or a can somehow to relocate all my game progress?

Are you on Android or iOS device?

Now i’am on the iOS, but i don’t now what i will buy it maybe iOS or Android

facebook button in the game didn’t help with this problem?

I’m not sure about ability to move from iOS to Android… my thoughts are that it wouldn’t work. However from iOS device to another iOS device is very easy. You just need to make sure you’re using same apple account on each device (Game Center), and your games will be automatically sync’ed on each device.

Absolutely make sure that progress is saved with Game Center. If you do get an android then Small Giant should be able to help. Send them a quick note to confirm to

I need some help, because I can’t save my game allso

Maybe these FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) articles will be helpful. You can always access FAQ by clicking:

Menu > Options > Support

It will be the top button on that page.

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