How I become a moderator?

I want to a moderator or beta member , how can i do that? Who can help me!

The Beta Program you have to apply for, but the moderators are handpicked by Small Giant staff as the need for moderators arise. I would say be very VERY active on the board, contribute valuable game content regularly, always be professional and candor when dealing with any and all situations involving the various types of people, who post to the forum. Don’t take sides. Regular use of de-escalation tactics. If you do those things all the time, you at least open the doors for a chance at being a moderator.

Or am I just way off base. @zephyr1?

I know the Beta Program application process has changed, but I’m not exactly sure how to access it.


No, I think this was a very helpful answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

At the moment, no one can — applications are closed.

Players can watch #news-announcements for the next time they reopen applications for new Beta members.


Great summary, I will try to uphold those ideals, Mothra.

Also we have to take turns fanning @petri with a palm frond and feeding him grapes.


Ah, yes. I do believe a kind lady named Jessica told me that in my welcome email. I will also say, @BarbaNegra0G, it could be months from the time you apply to the time you get accepted.

I was recently accepted after having applied back around Thanksgiving last year. I was actually very surprised.


I really should have put that as my favorite part of being a moderator in the interview.


Thank you for your answers, I would like to be taken into account SG, I have very good ideas about the game that I know you would like to listen to and will keep in mind @zephyr1 @JonahTheBard @Petri … now in english


You’re welcome!

I have to note, unfortunately, that the official language of the Forum is English.

All posts outside of #foreign-languages have to be translated first. You can use Google Translate or other similar tools.

Otherwise we can move this thread to #foreign-languages if you prefer to continue in Spanish.

And just a heads up, Beta is only supported in English currently, both for testing and feedback.


What kind of crazy person WANTS to be a Moderator?!?! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’m very thankful to them for their commitment and effort by the way!

But still…


If every person have the same thought , the world we’rent world!!

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I love @zephyr1 and the other mods, mad props for all their hard work but why tf would you want to be one?


I think it’s probably worth it just for the new HOTM and 10,000 gems every month



I rather suspect if you’re that anxious to be a moderator you’re probably not in the mould to be one. I think it is more about doing than saying on the forums to be chosen – as in you’re doing most of what a moderator would do anyway, probably without even thinking about being a moderator.

Me. I’d suck as a moderator.


Congrats on getting into beta. Just in time for Betagate :rofl:


I don’t even know what that is, though I’ve seen it thrown around. I just test heroes and new events for 10-15 minutes at a time and then go back to bed.

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I just only want to moderator or beta because i have a lot of good ideas about the game and i want to share with all the community!

It came from Rigs exposing the fact that first boards are the same for beta and live after first initializing beta. They were using the same seed for RNG. Some rumours it was known about for a couple years.

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Best place to do that is right here, and you don’t need to be either. Just create threads and explain your ideas. Being a moderator might actually hinder that as you would have to wear multiple hats all the time to discuss in and monitor the thread *. And beta is more about testing SGG’s new ideas, not introducing new ones yourself.

Search first though to see if they’ve already been discussed. There is a surprising amount of stuff already here.

* which is why i would suck as a mod


Oh, thank goodness that’s it. I had heard foot massages were a requirement, too.

But is it true you also need to wear a uniform with Derrick’s face on it??


Moderators don’t really convey feedback on the game. They just babysit people like me.

Sounds like the Beta program would be more your flavor, which I think all of the moderators just so consequently happen to also participate.

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