How I add a little challenge to my gaming

I have been playing E&P for 1.5 years now and I enjoy it very much! However, there are down times from time to time and they can be boring. So here is what I personally do to make things more fun.

  1. For farming at 8-7, instead of using my regular farming team, I would use a team of unleveled 3*; or 1 or 2 4* heroes at 3/60. Or a combination of unleveled 3* and fully leveled 2* (yes, I kept my fully leveled 2* from the last 2* tournament crisis :rofl:)

  2. 3* purple team for the Dark Lord.

  3. 3* team for season 2 and 3 stages. This can be quite a challenge. I do believe seasons 2 and 3 are designed for at least 4* teams. So only using a 3* team really takes a lot of planning and strategizing. I often try different heroes just to test things out.

What do you do to make the game fun for you during down times?


… this.

No, seriously. This forum is my downtime.

Otherwise, if nobody is being chatty here (or most people are just telling me “boo! go away!”), I play a different game or watch TV or something else.


I do the same plus watch you tube vids of E&P lol

Sometimes I play with my off hand, to build dexterity. Not on anything with a timed score, though.

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Sometimes I do my titan attacks while driving my loaded logging truck on the mountain highways… you miss some tile matches that way

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LOL yeah I tried playing E&P while driving once… it was bumper to bumper traffic so we weren’t really moving much anyway… but I’d look up every so often and see that the cars in front of me had started moving again, and I’m just sitting there. Don’t think the drivers behind me were very happy with me. :laughing:

I only really do this for farming or quest stages, I’m not brave enough to do this for Titans, Raids, Wars or Challenge Events.

But I like experimenting with silly hero combinations. Like:

  1. all DOTers (2x Proteus, 2x Valeria, Vlad…)
  2. all minion summoners (Seshat, 2x Rudolph, Inari…)
  3. mono-class teams (e.g. 5x Druid)
  4. all HOTM
  5. All seasonal heroes (finally, Vlad gets used again!)
  6. mono, all S1 3*s

and so on and so forth.


Oh shoot… I just remembered a challenge that was posted here a long time ago… lemme see if I can find it…

Ah, here it is.


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