How has Gravemaker not been nerfed?

Telluria just got shafted, again, and yet gravemaker who is way OP to begin with, hasn’t been touched.

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Psst… i have GM


#nerfgravemaker now…


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Simple, GM is NOT OP.

Seems like recently everyone who can’t beat a hero goes nerf, nerf, nerf. Oh, and I don’t have him either.

My problem with that argument is that Telluria and Vela are being nerfed largely for the OP synergy between them. SGG has said as much. But who is the third with that OP defense? Gravemaker. It is not unreasonable to question why Telly and Vela bear the brunt of nerfing when GM is a part of this. Talk to any EnP player about a G-T-V defense and they will know EXACTLY who you are talking about.

How prevalent is GM on top-100 defenses? If the argument for nerfing Telly and Vela is their overrepresentation at the top of the leaderboard, then clearly GM should be considered for rebalancing.


Not enough top 100 players complained about him yet…

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Leave GM I have 3, Nerf Aife


Because he’s not THAT great. The big problem with Telluria is she’s not susceptible really to off-color stacking (unless you get a great board) and is barely susceptible to red stacks. Gravemaker is not only susceptible to all stacking, (except green) but his hit/effect aren’t particularly hard to recover from.

Basically, if Telluria fires before any of your heroes—you very likely lose.

If she fires twice before yours—you almost definitely lose.

You can recover from 2GM hits, especially if you go two healers of different colors.


GM has been around a lot longer than either Telly/Vela and has appeared in people’s defense since his introduction. Versatility in use is not a reason to rebalance. Even without Telly/Vela, he’s seen on defense a lot. He was there with Guin, he was there with Kunchen.

He doesn’t synergize with the other two. Telly gives no advantage to GM other than what she gives her whole team.

The reason Telly/Vela were targeted is because they were OP to begin with, SGG didn’t listen to the Beta Testers that said as much and they had an unexpected synergy that SGG didn’t account for which they have been trying to correct ever since.

Although even I admit that nerfing heroes a 3rd time in less than a year seems excessive but that’s their decision. They control the game.


Close this… really kids stop open 999 theards in addition to patch notes.


There hasnt been a actual thread really about gm being nerffed. This is only the thread that comes close

If you wanna merge into it feel free


While I don’t have Gravemaker, I wouldn’t call him completely OP. He’s one of the best red heroes, certainly, and does a lot of damage if you don’t shut him down quickly. I will reroll to avoid him if the rest of the defense is paywall heroes, but if he’s the only paywall there, I can usually take him out. (CtP here, so I have very limited paywall heroes.)


It’s pretty simple really, he only hits target and nearby, and 40% of the time he only hits 2. Additionally there are tons of counters to him, oh and his damage can be cleansed as well…so ya, there’s a ton of ways to play around him.


I don’t want any nerf to Gravemaker. He’s what a 5* hero should be. Buff the others if you like.

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But how else can they make sure their voices are heard more than all the other users?! While everyone else comments in the correct thread, some people can’t cope with the fact that their boring opinions will be drowned out in larger threads. Hence all the new posts for people to scream into the void

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I agree…#nerfgravemaker !


easy, less people own him. same as finley, jabber, etc. i agree he is op, you can fight against thou, same as telly, vela, you name it.

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I’ve made a purposal to SG and they did not accepted. It’s. Just put vela a blue version of Gravemaker. Cause he is not OP. Do you know what they said??? Nothing. Hahahahaa

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I have Telly. Used lots of resources to quickly max her just to see her nerfed the day after I gave her all the emblems. Don’t have Vela or GM, so how is this fair?

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