How hard lv30 class quest is!

Well I am lv41 player who spent long long time on this game … and trust me when I say I wasn’t so sure I can finish this lv30 quest.

But with a lame team of
Rigard Boril Mele Boril Horg

I did it.
So my guess is no matter the roster you have is full of regulars even not maxed you still can beat it.
PS, Horgall is 2^60

Battle items used:
Antidots Turtle banner Meduim HPP Dragon attacks.

Hope this tips may help you finishing it as well.
Have a great day.


Where is the tip lol


@Rigs thinking about you :joy:

Congrats @Jedon!

20 characters

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Aw look papa troll and baby troll side by side

That’s cute :kissing_heart:

Anyways have fun wasting each other’s time and trolling a celebratory thread by a player who did nothing to either of you

I have better things to do

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5 dragons, 5 meteors, 3 axes and the bosses will be dead with nothing more. There’s your trick.

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Well played. I was worried about attempting it and wasting 20WE… But what the hey, might be able to swing it… Thanks for the post @Jedon



Again many thanks for the inspiration to give it a shot. Took around half hour or so but here’s the team that I pulled it off with…
Edit **** the only 2 maxed are caedmon and rigard. Melendor 3/60 and others on final tier


That’s some true determination you’ve got there. Great job and impressive endurance :slightly_smiling_face:!

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Thank you. It was actually kind of fun. Time Stops were a definite help in this case to keep horghall and boril slowed down. Once they were taken care of, Vivica? (Hope I got her name right, forgive me if I’m wrong. I don’t have her) was the grind… Felt like 3 steps forward and 2 steps back with her heal and only Caed for DD.

Definitely pays to give it a shot.


Update 18.1.0 class quest 23th Jan 2019 lv30

3 healers and 2 3☆s works.
Battle tools used
Bombs arrows Dragon Attacks Super Revive scroll

27th Jan 2019 (managed to be done)

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