How good is this Sumitomo!?!?

How good is Sumitomo I just got him and I’m real excited

Essentially no. But as with everything, it depends on what you’ve got.

I have 16 Epic reds fully leveled, including Sumi, and never use him. I don’t know why I haven’t fed him away yet.

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I’ve updated your thread title to be more specific, as that usually gets more attention… that said, as @Ruskin505 posted above, there are many existing threads on this hero :slight_smile: It’s always a good idea to search and read existing threads as there is a wealth of knowledge out there already.


Not very. He’s basically an average speed sniper - snipers are usually fast, unless their hit is extremely strong or comes with useful additional effects, which isn’t the case here. His counterattack is barely relevant since it only applies to him. If you really need a red 4* sniper, you’re better off with Kelile, who isn’t that great herself.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I know how it feels to pull a hero only to find out it isn’t good. But it’s still better than wasting your AM’s on heroes you’ll never use or will disappoint you.

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He can work for you nicely in early stages , when you cant deal much dmg yet and he can help you clear bosses, that they injure themselves on his counter attacks :slight_smile:


To add to @Cerevan_the_Omni I have also seen others put him on titan teams early due to his relatively high A value.

He’s more usable in the early game when you have few options and, depending on your roster, could warrant emblems early. You will outgrow and reset him eventually. Even if he isn’t on your top teams anymore there no reason you can’t always go back and play with him for the sole reason of you like it.

Does he sound like a cool hero and one you’d like to have maxed and play with? If yes, that supercedes almost anything else. This is a game.

Good luck!



Really? He has a very low attack stat actually. The only S1 red 4* who have a lower one are Gormek and Boldtusk, who are both more useful on titans due to the defense down and the attack up. I struggle to see any reason to use Sumitomo on a titan team, unless for a lack of other options.

My answer to this is a resounding no. He’s as dull as it comes. He hits a single hero and that’s pretty much it. And it’s a fairly weak hit to boot. Boring and ineffective isn’t exactly my definition of cool. This is obviously only a personal opinion, and I’m glad if others have fun playing with him.


To each their own. If he sounds boring to you I am glad you didn’t play with him.

As for the A value, it is relative and also based on being pretty new. His base A stat is only 10 less than Kelile. That’s less than a talent node difference. Say you haven’t pulled Kelile yet or you’re splitting emblems with her and Scarlett, but had a surplus of fighters, then Sumitomo goes higher.

I am not saying he is good, but if he’s what you have you need to make do. If the OP is paying for summons it’s probably not worth it. If he’s F2P who knows when the next new hero will be. Maybe he maxes him because he digs the artwork. :man_shrugging:



Fair enough. Everything is roster and resource dependent. I’d already gotten Kelile, Scarlett, Gormek and Boldtusk from TC20 when I pulled Sumitomo, and my fighter emblems went to Boldtusk, so Sumitomo was the least desirable option.


Actually, he can be cool. He was my first red 4* hero so I maxed him and played a lot at the time and it was fun to watch enemies kill themselves on counterattact.
I don’t say, that he is good, only that he was fun at that time. Now I don’t use him any more even in 4* tournaments.


Your post brings back some sweet memories. I long for the days when I was excited to get almost any 4* hero. I used the universally despised Skittleskull costume extensively, and she sometimes still gets use because of her insanely high attack stat. Attack down is also a pretty underrated effect. Good old times.


If you are excited to have him, then let’s say he is a great hero, I don’t know how long you have been playing but we all need to start somewhere and all 4s can be great until the time comes when they are replaced by 5s or better 4*s.

What other reds do you have?

I wish you good luck in your journey, if you are a long term player then please accept my apologies and presumptive comment.


If you’re just starting then go for it & level him up. But if you have other options I wouldn’t. I rarely use him anymore but maybe it’s because I have other options.

In my personal formula that looks at Offensive Heroes, he is the weakest 4* Offensive hero. Riposte/Reflect on only himself is largely meaningless, his damage to one is respectable for 4*s but not at Average speed. Keep in mind that Guardian Jackal can hit one enemy for 270% and does this at Very Fast.

Even if you are new to the game and don’t have much in the way of 4*'s at the moment, I would still advise you not to waste any resources on Sumitomo. Better 4*'s will come to you eventually, so just be patient.

yeah agree with everyone who said it’s roster-dependent. when I beat Atlantis Hard, Skittleskull was the key to winning - brings back memories! Sabina / Triton / Kiril / Skittleskull / Aegir (at 3/70) was my winning team…


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