How good is Onatel?

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Please help me close this topic. Also, please teach me how to link threads/posts to other threads.

That was just posted. Forreal dude?

Should be in thread options, close/merge topic.

There are basically 3 ways to link to other topics:

  1. Copy and paste the link for a Topic (or a specific post within a topic) onto a line by itself in your post, which will expand into a preview box of the linked post when you save
  2. Copy and paste the link for a Topic within your text, which will turn into a link using the post’s title when you save. As a variation, you can use the editor to insert it as a link and change the text to something other than the name.
  3. Quote one thread into another. This will show an excerpt with just the text you select, just like quoting within a thread.

Here’s what those look like:

Link for topic/post on a line by itself:

Link to topic/post within a line of text: Final thoughts on onatel

Quote of another topic:


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Only moderators can close a topic. @zephyr1 did a great job summarizing the ways to cross-reference.