How Good is Lady Loki?

Thanks again to everyone who has subscribed to my channel! A week ago I celebrated with some summons and pulled Lady Loki. So I decided to max her and take her for a test run…


Good pull on here and congrats on 10k subs. I see Loki only as for attack and support hero not to excited about here. Thanks for sharing video.

Considering upcoming Vahalla red sniper and Reuben and her class (same as Magni, Kingston, Poseidon, Yunan and now Zoc) I think she’s an average hero to have. Congrats on your channel :heart:

I’d still prefer Gefjon and Reuben over Lady Loki. Thus, i will have to wait for their release. Currently, I am not using reds to defeat Telly tanks. My monogreens, monopurples and nonoyellows can mostly beat Telly-tanked teams.

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