How frequently do you emblem?

I have found that because I get a few in Mystic Vision and mission chests, I haven’t really noticed when I accrue enough emblems for another step in the Talent Grid on a particular hero. I also tend to spread some emblems thin, as I like to use my favorite heroes whether or not they are the best in their class (flashbacks to company shareholder’s meetings). So, when I finally am overflowing with ham and iron, I go to see who I can talent up, and find I have many more emblems than I thought, and can usually push a 5* hero 3-4 steps depending on their class. Does anyone have more diligence when it comes to emblemming your heroes? What is your frequency? Do you push harder on 5* or 4*? Do you try to get 3 steps at once so as to get the class talent leveled, not just health/defense/attack? I’m honestly just curious how everyone is doing it.


I usually find myself once a week with a lot of ham and iron, and usually Sunday/Monday and then switch to sort by class and move on down the line through the different classes and ping the hero I’m working on in each and see where I’m at.

I’ve gotten a 4* of my choice to 18 or higher, and now I’m working on the best 5*, or in a few cases the best 2nd 4* if no 5*.

Then usually I can make a move on troop feeding when ham is up again.

Currently running 3 TC20 looking for some holy 5* my big shortage, no Joon or Vivica yet…


I pay attention as I get Emblems, and usually have a good sense of whether new ones will have thrown me over the line for another Talent Grid Node.

I think that’s easier because I’m only working on 4* heroes, so the Emblems needed for each Node aren’t as huge as 5*.

As a backup, I typically also check my Inventory balances during Class Trials and when I have nothing better to do, and look at each hero in each Class that I might have enough Emblems for to make sure I didn’t miss any.

I just do them as I get the Emblems, usually immediately.

The only time I delay is if I’m coordinating a building upgrade and need to keep my Iron.


Defense heroes I emblem as soon as I have enough.

Others, sometimes I wait a bit, because there’s always a hope/worry I get someone I’d rather emblem.

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I actually have enough emblems for multiple nodes on my 5*'s.

I recently started competing in challenge events to get the 4* mats that are fairly accessible in rare/epic. If I’m not upgrading advanced buildings I am building battle items. There’s nothing left over :frowning:

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I emblem to unlock the skill once I max a hero I am keeping. Other than that, it’s not a fixed time, it’s just when I feel like taking a look.

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I am being picky about who I take to +20. If I have multiple heroes of the same class I want to emblem then I make my max +15 on one hero and then move on to the next. Then when the heroes I wanted to emblem are at +15 then I decide who gets to go all the way to 20. Example, my main, I just maxed Li Xiu a couple days ago. I was sitting on 265 monk emblems. Just had to get enough food and iron to get to +11. Which she is sitting at now. I do not emblem frequently because I am usually short on emblems or food when I want to do a node or two.

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