How fast does TC19 eat your stockpile of rugged clothes?


Yeah, that’s a good part of why I spread mine around to level up my bench, instead of throwing them at high level heroes.

In addition to being sllllloooooooowwwwww, it also is very food inefficient; the cost per hero fed skyrockets at the top levels, so you will save a lot of food costs by feeding them at least 2* feeders, if not higher values, 3* or better yet trainer heroes.


I’m down to 77 rugged clothes left, and I’ll have the food to burn that up tomorrow.

Food has been my limiting factor so far. Now that I’m out I’m going to start leveling up my troops with surplus food…

Looks like it took me ~6 weeks to burn through my stockpile of 3000+ including spending maybe half that time farming 7-7 to get more.

Think I’ll keep farming there even with slightly lower recruits than 8-7. I really like TC19!