How far to take my 4* troops, when to level up a second one?

Discussion about mana troops has been beaten into the ground, but my take/summary is:

Getting a red and a yellow mana troop to L11 for Gravemaker and Jackal (if you have them) is achievable and awesome. Now they fire after six tiles matched). WOOT! I just got them both to that level too!

Getting a mana troop to L17 takes a LOT of feeders, probably playing the game for months to get feeders for free or spending a few hundred dollars on epic troop pulls, but it will help your average mana heroes a lot 9 tiles / 3 matches to charge)

Anything beyond that is less helpful and more expensive, and you will probably get more value for your feeder troops leveling up the crit troop instead.

As I said, this has been beaten to death, but here is the interesting question …

I usually raid with 2-3 heroes of the same color. Occasionally monochrome teams. I do similar in hard event levels. When do I start working a second 4* troop instead of trying to take my top one higher? Or maybe even a third 4* troop?

Taking a 4* troop from L11 to L12 takes 1825XP. That would take another troopfrom L1 to L4.

Taking a 4* troop from L11 to L17 takes 12,075XP, enough to go from L1 to L12

Since I’m NOT expecting to max any 4* troops in my lifetime playing this game, what is my best strategy? Or what have you chosen?

Bad news, Barry: mana troops need to be at level 23 to move average heroes down to 9 tiles. Level 17 is to take Slow heroes from 12 to 11 tiles, which is less helpful. Reference:

To answer your question, though: Other than prioritizing a red and yellow mana troop at L11, I first brought crit troops to L18, then shifting back to working on the mana troops. Is that optimal? I’m not sure. L18 adds one percentage point to the crit chance; arguably stopping at L15 (which is, I think, when the attack stat goes to 17%) may be better.


Thanks for the correction. It is almost acedemic anyway, as L17 is barely achievable for me within a reasonable time spent playing / reasonable budget for epic troop pulls.

For my red and yellow mana I’m gonna stop here and work a crit troop.

For my green and purple crit troops I’m going to choose a stopping point and then work either a second crit troop or a mana troop next. Probably before L18 in my case.

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Try this:
level 10 for crit troops (this ensures that you have +10% crit chance)
level 11 for mana troops (ensures that your very fast units can charge faster)


Remember that mana troops are still excellent on defensive raids or in war. They have a higher attack buff, and a healing buff plus on defense you gain mana every turn regardless and the more your heroes get hit with tiles the faster they charge. Where as crit on defense isn’t as good except for the extra defense… however they say the best defense is a good offense.

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